Elizabeth Hickman c.jpg

When most people think of an artist, they visualize someone with a brush, dipping it into different colors, mixing and matching, and applying paint to canvas or maybe a board. Not so with local artist Elizabeth Hickman who creates amazing paintings with the tips of her fingers with her canvas on the floor as opposed to an easel. Elizabeth said she started out with a brush when she received a watercolor paint kit as a Christmas gift in 2016 but transitioned to using her fingers when she discovered it was easier to achieve the look she wanted and preferred the look over brushes. She now frequently uses acrylic, pastel markers, oil, and spray paint all on the same painting. She said if it makes color she’ll use it.

She said most of her inspiration for her paintings comes from God. She always includes a hidden cross in her paintings and said just like in everyday life, you must search for the cross. Most of her paintings are country-themed and she especially enjoys painting barns. She said she has a lot of her own paintings hanging in her house because her husband, Justin, who is an IT manager at Robins Air Force Base will see one he likes and insists it isn’t going anywhere. 

Hickman is a former hairstylist who hurt her wrist and was looking for something to do with her life and painting was the natural thing to do. She now has a successful business selling her works and is a member of the 1823 Artisans Guild where some of her paintings and ornaments can be purchased. Her creations can also be bought at the Fox City Brewery, Hometown Treasures, and The Mint Salon in Macon. She was voted the Best Artist in Monroe County by readers of the Reporter in the annual contest in the spring.

Elizabeth is a life-long resident of Monroe County and now lives out in the country on Hwy. 42 with her husband and three children, 10-year-old Ty who recently broke his leg playing football at the rec department, 7th grader Izzy and 8th grader Caroline who is also a talented artist. 

The family is excited about moving into their new home constructed just next door. Of course, Elizabeth had a part in the design of the house which sits next to a beautiful lake. They were planning  to celebrate their first Christmas in the two-story home this year.