Will it be Chief Eddie Harris?


A Forsyth man called 911 on Sunday, Feb. 2 to report a man was following him to his home, not realizing that it was the city police chief planning to cite him for passing him in the turn lane of N. Lee Street.

Police chief Eddie Harris was off-duty and driving on Lee Street when a man driving a white Volvo passed him on Lee Street at King Street using the center turn lane around 2:42 p.m., according to the report. Here’s what happened, said the report: Harris called Forsyth police Cpl. Kim Barnett and asked her to come stop the vehicle, which he was now following. Harris stayed on the phone updating Barnett on his location.

Meanwhile, the driver, Michael Parks, was dialing 911 to report a man was following him to his Vining Street home.

When the pursuit got to Parks’ home, Barnett said she could hear over the phone the man yelling at Harris as Harris explained that he had called police. When Barnett arrived, Parks began yelling that the car had followed him to his home and he wanted to know why. Barnett said she tried to explain it to Parks but he kept talking over her. Finally he stopped and Barnett explained that the police chief followed him because he had passed him using the turn lane. Parks said that Harris was driving too slowly and impeding the flow of traffic. Barnett responded that the speed limit is 35 mph in that area and that driving slowly is not the same as impeding traffic. 

Meanwhile, Monroe County deputy Peyton Henderson pulled up responding to Parks’ 911 call about being followed. Barnett explained the situation and cited Parks for improper use of center lane. Parks said he was wrong for passing him but said he didn’t like the chief following him.