Driver charged with failure to maintain lane in Hwy. 18 traffic stop

On June 2, Forsyth Officer Kevin Powell stopped a silver Hyundai Elantra on Hwy. 18 after it failed to stay in its lane. The driver told the officer he did not have his license and asked Powell not to take him to jail. The driver’s license came back suspended. The driver also had an active warrant for his arrest from the Forsyth Police Department. Officer Powell arrested the driver and issued him citations for failure to maintain lane, driver to exercise due care, and driving while license suspended.

Walmart customer tells officer iPhone XR stolen from shopping cart

A woman at the Forsyth Walmart told Officer David Asbell that her gold iPhone XR Max had been stolen from her cart on June 2. After using the Find My Phone app, the woman said the phone was around the Rodeway Inn. Security videos did not show the phone get taken, but did print a photo of a suspect standing around the woman’s cart.

Motorcyclists travel on wrong side of I-75 in city limits on June 2

Cpl. Terrence Thomas was dispatched to I-75 northbound after a group of motorcyclists traveled southbound on the northbound lanes between exits 188 and 187 on June 2.

Forsyth police respond after Ingles customer tries to use fake bill 

A young man tried to use a counterfeit $100 bill at the Ingles Gas Station on June 4. The suspect left in a red Ford pickup truck after management confirmed the bill was counterfeit. Officer Jeremy Malone responded to the report and the tag on the suspect’s vehicle was ran. It came back belonging to a Toyota Corolla.

Dairy Queen customer reports hit-and-run incident in parking lot

On June 5, Cpl. Kimberly Barnett responded to a hit-and-run at the Forsyth Dairy Queen. A woman in a tan Chevy Tahoe struck the vehicle in front of her then drove away. The man who was hit told Barnett he tried to follow the suspect to get her tag number, but wasn’t able to keep up.

Piedmont Hills Apts. manager reports lawn equipment missing

The manager of Piedmont Hills Apartments told Officer David Asbell she had discovered a few items missing. Four different pieces of lawn equipment were stolen from the property since December 2018. She told Asbell she believed a temp maintenance man who worked there in December was involved.

Forsyth officer responds to alleged shooting on Martin Luther King Dr.

Cpl. Kimberly Barnett responded to an occurrence on Martin Luther King Jr. Drive where a person fired a gun at someone else on June 8. The suspect was charged with pointing or aiming a gun or pistol at another and reckless conduct.

Woman reports kids threw water balloons at her on city sidewalk

On June 8, a woman told Ptl. Anias Benjamin kids threw water balloons at her while she walked down the sidewalk.

Officers discover items believed to be intended for inmate smuggling

On June 6, Officer Jeremy Malone began to chase a vehicle with no tag and dark tinted windows when it did not pull over during a traffic stop. As the car drove down Juliette Road, it eventually slowed to a stop and a passenger in his 40s fled with an orange hiking backpack on. The vehicle drove off and Malone continued following it down Juliette Road. Malone followed the vehicle into Jasper County, where it stopped again to let out two more passengers who appeared to be in their 20s. Cpl. Thomas told Malone to stop the pursuit due to no back-up being able to catch up. Jasper County advised them a few minutes later the car had been located a few miles up, abandoned. Malone found a bottle of yellow pills, a digital scale, a knife shaped like a gun, two torch lighters, a pipe commonly used for smoking crack cocaine, and a Louisiana ID during his inventory of the vehicle. While Malone was in pursuit of the vehicle, Deputy Yolanda Mercer with the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office located a black backpack that held several pounds of smoking tobacco, rolling papers, cell phones, chargers, and an extra cell phone battery. The tobacco and phones were wrapped in wash cloths, stuffed in socks, then wrapped with tape to form capsules that stored the items. Malone suspects that the suspect was bringing the backpack to Tift College Correctional Facility to leave the items where inmates would find them.

Woman reports online harassment over feud concerning male friend

A woman reported on June 12 that another woman had been harassing her via social media and over the phone. She also said the woman would follow her in her car and shout at her in public. Officer Jeremy Malone contacted the second woman and told her if she didn’t stop she would be charged with stalking and harassing communication. The second woman claimed the victim sometimes contacts her. Malone advised both women to avoid all communication unless absolutely necessary. The woman who reported the incident did not press charges and told the officer the communication began over a common male friend the women shared.

Forsyth station owner reports receiving fake checks at two locations

On June 13, the owner of two Forsyth gas stations reported a man who had cashed fraudulent checks at both locations. She told Officer Jeremy Malone she wouldn’t press charges unless the suspect didn’t return the money. Malone also found the man also owed his previous employer money and was given his address and new employer’s name.

Wanted suspect refuses arrest, spits and kicks in rear of patrol car

Officers saw a wanted suspect on North Lee Street on June 13. The suspect told the officers he was having a bad day and wasn’t going to jail. He resisted arrest and was handcuffed after a short struggle. The suspect then kicked and spit while in the rear of the vehicle. He was charged with obstruction.

Cabiness Road resident reports theft of $400, car keys on June 14

Major George Foster responded to a burglary on June 14 on Cabiness Road. A woman said when she left for approximately 10 minutes, someone broke into her apartment and stole $400, her clothes, her phone, and her car keys. She accused two men of stealing her belongings. One of them was in the apartment and accused the victim of setting him up. Foster had to ask the man to leave when he began arguing with the victim.

Family leaves KOA Campground without paying for camp site

On June 15, a family left the KOA campground without paying after being advised to. A man who works at the campground told Officer David Asbell he believed the suspects went north.

Forsyth man reports suspect throwing ice at him on front porch 

A man reported someone throwing ice at him while he sat on his porch on June 15. He said he didn’t know who did it but suspects it was his neighbors who he’s called the police on before because of their dogs being too loud.

Park Drive resident reports company car stolen from driveway

On June 11, a man called to report his company car had been stolen from his home on Park Drive. After parking it there the night before, the man walked outside after lunch to find the blue 2017 Ford Taurus missing from his yard.

Suspects steal over $2,400 in cell phones from Forsyth Walmart

Two men stole $2,447 worth of phones from the Forsyth Walmart on June 14. Officer David Asbell said the suspects had been recorded stealing the phones, and that two phones were recovered from the phone buying kiosk in the Perry Walmart by Perry police.

Suspicious man seen hitting himself outside Forsyth gas station

Major George Foster responded to a call of a suspicious person at a Forsyth gas station. A man who was hanging around the gas station was seen talking to himself and hitting himself. Foster asked the man to leave because he wasn’t wanted on the property.

Walmart shopper calls police over hit-and-run incident in parking lot

On June 9, Officer Jeremy Malone responded to a hit-and-run at the Forsyth Walmart. A woman has been backing out of her spot when a red vehicle backed out and hit her and then drove away. A witness gave the woman the tag number of the vehicle and it was ran by police to an older male. The woman confirmed the man’s identity after she was shown his picture. Malone said he will not file a warrant unless he is unable to contact the suspect.

Man reports son stole Tractor Supply card, withdrew $500 cash

On June 10, a man reported his son stole his Tractor Supply card and bank card. The man’s son made cash withdrawals of over $500. Officer David Asbell said they would contact the man if his son was found.

Castleberry customer faces arrest after forging prescription

On June 11, Forsyth officers responded to a forgery report at Castleberry Drug Store. After getting an altered prescription from the pharmacist, Major George Foster contacted the suspect, who admitted to altering his prescription to include Percoset. He claimed to have been suffering from a condition and that the doctors at the hospital didn’t understand what he was going through. Foster told the pharmacist the man would be banned from the store, and he would issue a warrant for the man’s arrest.

Brentwood Apartments resident reports vehicle tires flattened in lot

On June 10 a woman reported damage to her vehicle at Brentwood Apartments. A suspect had flattened all four of her tires. Cameras on the property did not cover the area where the car was parked.

Holiday Cove manager reports evicted resident returns to sell drugs 

On June 14, the manager of the Holiday Cove Apartments reported a man she had evicted had been coming back onto the property to sell drugs. She told Officer David Asbell she wanted to have the man banned and was told to call the next time he was on the property.

Forsyth Gardens Apts. resident reports being harassed by woman

A Forsyth Garden Apartments man reported a woman harassing him when he went to visit his friend on June 16. The woman told him that he was “going down” and “would be wearing a black suit”. The woman told Mjr. George Foster she didn’t threaten the man.

Driver arrested after vehicle emits exhaust smoke outside motel

Ofc. Jeremy Malone pulled over a vehicle at the New Fosyth Inn on June 18 because of excess smoke coming from the exhaust. The driver was arrested for having a suspended license and for violating the vehicle emissions act. While the man was in custody, a woman came from the room and took the man’s child. While the woman was trying to contact the arrested man’s mother, a Forsyth corporal smelled marijuana coming from the room. The woman handed over the marijuana and was asked for her ID. The woman began going through a drawer in the room where Malone spotted a handgun. The woman said it was the arrested man’s gun after Malone pulled her away from the drawer. The arrested man had no convictions, but he did have a previous arrest record for failure to appear. Malone put the gun into the Forsyth PD crime lab and told the man how he could get it back.

Solid waste supervisor reports county truck hit by worker on June 20

The supervisor at County Solid Waste services reported on June 20 that an employee had struck her county truck and didn’t report it. She showed Ofc. David Asbell the video of the man hitting the truck. The man admitted to Asbell he hit the truck.

Boxankle Road home burglarized, kayaks, TV, Nintendo stolen

At about 4:30 p.m. on June 15, the male owner of a Boxankle Road home told Cpl. Jacob Robins that his home had been burglarized. The homeowner said the home actually belongs to his mother but said a Forsyth man and his wife, who were also present at the scene, had stayed there a number of times and had most recently left at about 8 p.m. on June 9. The man told Robins that their blue Triton Lifetime kayaks had been stolen from the right side of the home. They said six pillows had also been removed from the master bed while a 45-inch Samsung TV and a Nintendo had also been taken. Robins saw the front door window had been shattered with a rock, and pieces of glass were both inside and outside the home. Robins then saw curtains in the master bedroom were on the floor, sheets were messed up and there were no pillows on the bed. Robins then noticed the living room entertainment center doors were opened, and the TV and Nintendo were missing. The homeowner also said a piece of wood art near the top of a stairway was stolen as well. The homeowner said the home’s gate was still locked when he arrived at about 3:30 p.m. that day but said the home could be accessed by ATVs on nearby trails or via the Towaliga River.

Three people arrested after deputy discovers meth pipe in vehicle

A driver and two passengers were each arrested and charged with possession of drug related objects after a traffic stop on I-75 North on June 15. At about 12:19 a.m., Cpl. Thomas Haskins saw a green Kia Sedona parked without its lights on along the shoulder of I-75 North near mile marker 175. When Haskins exited his patrol car, the male driver and female front seat passenger got out of the vehicle and approached Haskins. The driver told Haskins two tires had blown out and help was on the way. Haskins then saw a male back seat passenger, who appeared to be under the influence of drugs. When Haskins asked the driver the identity of the back seat passenger, the driver replied, “Why you asking that? You don’t need to know who he is.” Haskins then saw a Miller High Life beer can sitting next to the back seat passenger, but the back seat passenger refused to give his name or to get out of the vehicle. The back seat passenger finally said his first name was “Billy” and his last name was “Kidd,” at which point Haskins recognized him and knew he was wanted for several felonies. When it appeared the back seat passenger was about to run away, Haskins pointed his taser at the back seat passenger. As backup had not yet arrived, the back seat passenger refused to put his hands behind his back and instead was aggressive and loud. Haskins then grabbed the back seat passenger and was able to handcuff him. Dep. Jaleel Brown, Sgt. Willie Brown and Dep. Nicolas Ortiz then arrived at the scene to assist. The front seat passenger, who was the vehicle’s owner, denied having anything illegal inside the vehicle but refused to allow deputies to search her vehicle. However, Ortiz found a pipe with marijuana residue next to where the back seat passenger had been sitting. Deputies also found inside a bag on the front seat a glass pipe with methamphetamine residue. When deputies handcuffed both the driver and the front seat passenger, the driver told the front seat passenger, “Just tell them it’s yours already.” The front seat passenger then asked what would happen if she claimed possession of the meth pipe, and Haskins told her they were both going to be arrested anyway. The front seat passenger then became agitated and said, “Y’all put that in my vehicle anyways.” Deputies then took the driver and both passengers to the Monroe County Jail. The back seat passenger was also charged with obstruction and giving a false name.

Driver arrested after deputy finds Adderall pills on center console

A 24-year-old black Savannah man was arrested and charged with possession of a controlled substance after a traffic stop on I-75 South on June 14. At about 2:29 p.m., Cpl. Thomas Haskins saw a 2005 Ford Focus with a North Carolina tag that failed to move over to allow a semi-truck to exit the I-75 South weigh station. Haskins stopped the car near mile marker 188 and noticed the male driver appeared very nervous. The driver told Haskins he was exiting to get gas even though Haskins saw the car had over half a tank left. The driver, who said the vehicle belonged to his female passenger, denied having anything illegal inside the vehicle, and the passenger allowed Haskins to search. Haskins then found on the center console a plastic bag containing five-and-a-half Adderall pills. He also found in a black bag a pipe with marijuana residue. The driver said his mother had given him the Adderall pills and admitted the marijuana pipe was also his. The passenger was then released from the scene while Haskins took the driver to the Monroe County Jail. The driver was also charged with drugs not in original container, possession of drug related objects and failure to yield to vehicles entering highway.

BP customer becomes irate over gas change, fight ensues in store lot

On May 31, a Forsyth man told Dep. Willie Barkley he went to the BP station on Harold G. Clarke Pkwy. at about 8:30 p.m. on May 30 to buy $55 of gas. The man said he instead pumped $54.77 worth of gas and went inside the store to ask the male store owner for his 23 cents of change. The man said the owner refused to give him his change and told him to leave the store. He said he then saw a female employee inside the store who owed him $40 for work he had done on her vehicle. The man said when he asked the employee for the money, the owner began yelling at him not to talk to his employee that way and ordered the man to leave because he was drunk. The man said the owner then told him he would get the employee’s father to beat up the man. The man said he then left the BP station on Harold G. Clarke Pkwy. and headed to the BP station on Rumble Road to buy cigarettes. The man said while he was inside the Rumble Road BP, the store owner and the employee’s father both entered the store and blocked him from leaving. The man said he escaped, but the employee’s father kept walking in his direction. The man said he thought the employee’s father was going to attack him, so he punched the employee’s father in the station parking lot. He said the owner had a weapon in his hand during the fight. Barkley then met with the owner who said a man entered the Harold G. Clarke Pkwy. BP station drunk the previous night and was upset about 23 cents. The owner said he told the man he would give him the 23 cents but said when he went to retrieve the money, the man started accusing his employee of not paying for a vehicle repair. The owner said he told the man not to talk to the employee in that manner and ordered him to leave. The owner said the man responded by yelling racial slurs and profanity at him. He said the man then left the store but stayed in the parking lot. He said the man eventually threatened to damage the owner’s Rumble Road station. The owner said he then went to the Rumble Road station and saw the man inside the store at which point a cashier told him that the man had called the employee’s father about a tire repair. The employee’s father told Barkley that the man was drunk when he arrived at the Rumble Road BP. The employee’s father said the man asked him if he was the one who was supposed to beat him up. The employee’s father said he didn’t know anything about him beating someone up and said the man responded by sucker punching him in the face. The employee’s father said a fight ensued in the parking lot before the man left with a friend. No one was arrested in the incident.

Deputy finds Hennessy bottle on back seat in I-75 South traffic stop

A 40-year-old black Macon man was arrested and charged with DUI after a traffic stop on I-75 South on June 13. At about 11:35 p.m., Dep. Wade Kendrick and Sgt. John Thompson saw a silver 2012 Honda Civic with dark window tint failing to maintain its lane on I-75 South near mile marker 187. Dispatchers notified Kendrick that the car’s owner’s license was expired. The male driver, who was the owner, was very nervous and his hands were shaking uncontrollably. Asked why he was so nervous, the driver said he’d been arrested previously for driving on an expired license. Deputies then smelled alcohol and marijuana coming from inside the car, and Thompson saw a Hennessy cognac bottle on the back seat. However, the driver told deputies he was coming from work and had not been drinking. The driver then failed several field sobriety tests and was taken to the Monroe County Jail. Once at the jail, the driver refused a state breath test and was also charged with failure to maintain lane, driving on an expired license, open container violation and window tint violation.

Griffin driver charged with DUI after wreck on Johnstonville Road

A 20-year-old white Griffin man was arrested and charged with DUI after a one-vehicle wreck on Johnstonville Road on June 16. At about 2:50 a.m. the male driver of an Infiniti G35 told Cpl. Nicolas Ortiz he hit a bad spot and went off the road, causing him to run into a tree. Ortiz smelled alcohol coming from the driver and asked the driver what kind of bad spot he hit because the road was not wet. The driver then replied, “Oh, you’re right,” before admitting to drinking a few beers. The driver then failed several field sobriety tests and tested positive for alcohol on a field breath test. Ortiz then found inside the car a pair of e-cigarette cartridges with a brown wax material inside of them, which the driver said was wax marijuana. Ortiz then took the driver to the Monroe County Jail, where he tested positive for more than two times the legal limit on a state breath test. The driver was also charged with failure to maintain lane, underage drinking, underage possession of alcohol and Violation of the Georgia Controlled Substance Act.

Buck Creek Rd. woman spots intruder standing on porch on June 20

At about 11:48 p.m. on June 20, a female Buck Creek Road resident told Dep. Yolanda Mercer that she thought she heard someone knocking on her side door. The resident said she was afraid to open the door and did not see anyone when she looked out the window. The resident said she then checked her surveillance camera and saw an unknown man wearing a cap standing on her side porch. The resident said suspicious people use her yard as a trail at all hours of the day. Mercer told the resident not to open her door for anyone she doesn’t know and to call the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office if anyone else comes onto her property.

Juliette man accused of writing bad checks at Forsyth fruit stand

A 48-year-old white Juliette man faces a charge of deposit account fraud after he allegedly wrote bad checks at a fruit stand on June 19. At about 11 a.m., a Forsyth woman told Sgt. Kevin Williams that her son runs a fruits and vegetables stand in the parking lot of the Hwy. 18 Shell station. The woman said a male customer gave one of her son’s workers a bad check. The woman said the customer wrote the bad check for more than the cost of the produce he was buying and asked for cash back to make up the difference. The woman said the same customer wrote bad checks on three consecutive days on June 10-12 in the total amount of $161.

Driver arrested for DUI after flipping vehicle on Taylor Road on June 19

A woman was arrested and charged with DUI after a one-vehicle wreck on Taylor Road on June 19. At about 7:20 p.m., Cpl. Nicolas Ortiz saw a red Ford Fusion overturned on the left shoulder of Taylor Road. The vehicle appeared to have left the road, crossed over Morgan Road and then hit a tree on the opposite side of the road. When Ortiz asked the female driver how the wreck had occurred, she replied that she had not been in a wreck. Ortiz then pointed at the wrecked vehicle, and the driver said she couldn’t remember. Monroe County EMTs then determined the driver was not injured. Ortiz saw the driver had small pupils, could not maintain her balance and struggled to concentrate. When EMTs asked the driver to sign a waiver, she instead blew into the pen. Ortiz asked the driver what she was doing, and she said she thought that was what EMTs wanted her to do. The driver then admitted to having taken three Xanax pills and failed several field sobriety tests. Ortiz then found inside the vehicle an unlabeled pill container with 45 Xanax pills inside of it. The driver said she got them from her cousin and friends. Ortiz then took the driver to the Monroe County Hospital ER for a blood test before taking her to the Monroe County Jail. The driver was also charged with failure to maintain lane, pills not in original container and possession of a Schedule III controlled substance.

Deputy spots suspect using stolen debit card on Walmart video tape

At about 2 p.m. on June 22, a Forsyth woman told Dep. Jacob Davis that she noticed her Robins Financial debit card went missing at about 1 p.m. that day after she used it at Pizza Hut on North Lee Street. The woman said she then logged onto her online banking account and discovered two fraudulent charges in the total amount of $154.19 made at the Forsyth Walmart. The woman said she then cancelled her card. Davis then viewed Walmart’s surveillance cameras and saw a white female using the stolen debit card. The suspect was wearing a white cut-off shirt and had a large tattoo on her back.