At Red Roo Defense Matthew Sims is ready to serve customers shopping for guns, ammunition, parts and accessories and more. He can help with gun cleaning and maintenance, optics mounting and bore sighting, stock refinishing and online transfers, whether the customer has everyday safety needs or recreational firearm use in mind.

In business since January 2021, Sims said he enjoys answering questions and working with customers to help them with their firearm needs. 

“I specialize in giving each customer my full attention and being as helpful as I can,” he said. “ I want them to feel like they can ask anything and get an honest answer- even if it turns out to be, ‘I don't know, but I can find out!’” 

Although he is relatively new to being a Federal Firearms Licensed dealer, Sims said he has a lifetime of experience with guns, learning much from his father, who was an accomplished gunsmith. 

“My Dad taught me how to shoot as soon as I was tall enough to reach the shooting table. I grew up with guns as a major part of my life,” he said. “Over the years I’ve spent time working for other dealers and have always wanted to open my own shop.”

He said he was casting bullets and reloading as a teen and continues to do so now. He’s excited to be able to follow his dream, with the support of his wife, to open his own business and has found it rewarding to help customers and turn many of them into friends. 

He encourages those interested in buying a firearm or in need of related services to follow him on Face book and sign up on his web page for regular updates. He will make every effort to help find that particular something a customer is seeking. He also has specials periodically.

“A lot of things are in short supply; so please be patient and know I will do my best,” he said.

Sims said he has been in too many gun shops where the dealers didn’t extend the common courtesy their customers deserved. He said he enjoys being able to help people and enjoys adding more people to those who defend the Second Amendment and the part it plays in our free society. 

“There are more new gun owners out there right now than any other time in history,” said Sims. “I look at that as a remarkable opportunity to help more people than ever in learning how to use and take care of their new guns and develop their own passion for the sport.”

Red Roo Defense is located in Jones County. Sales and service at by appointment. Contact Sims at or call him at 478-951-3704.