Monroe County elections officials completed their state-mandated hand recount of the local presidential race in just two days as workers counted Friday and Saturday to finish well before the Monday deadline, according to elections official Kaye Warren. “Boy were we glad,” Warren told the Reporter. “We had some fast counters.” The recount took away two votes for President Donald Trump, from 11,060 to 11,058, and added four votes for Joe Biden, from 4,384 to 4,388. Libertarian Jo Jorgenson added four votes as well, from 148 to 152, said Warren. The statewide recount did not appear to change the outcome despite the discovery of 2,600 uncounted ballots in GOP-leaning Floyd County. Biden appears to have won Georgia by about 13,000 votes, becoming the first Democrat to carry the state since 1992. However Trump claims that Georgia is refusing to check the signatures on mail in and absentee ballots, which were used in record numbers this year. Warren said they check the signatures on absentee ballots when they come in, but Georgia now allows voters to fix ballots if the signature doesn’t match before the election. Above, Blake Bowen, right, and Janice Fuller, have a question for Warren during counting on Friday.