Ready to clean up Forsyth, pictured, left to right, are Wendell Horne, Carl Reynolds, Rebecca Stone, Tom Perry, Pam Davis, Eric Wilson.

Ready to clean up Forsyth, pictured, left to right, are Wendell Horne, Carl Reynolds, Rebecca Stone, Tom Perry, Pam Davis, Eric Wilson.

 Beautify Forsyth partnered with Forsyth Monroe County Chamber of Commerce for a clean-up day on Thursday, Sept. 2. The square and several blocks down North Jackson Street over to Indian Springs Drive were the focus of a team picking up litter in anticipation of Forsyth’s Community Yard Sale on Saturday and various Bicentennial Celebration events over the next three weeks.

Beautify Forsyth chair Tom Perry came early to pick up litter around the square before parking places filled and traffic made it more difficult to do a thorough job in the business district. He said businesses around the square have been doing a good job of keeping the streets and sidewalks in front of their businesses litter-free. It’s an asset that there are almost no unoccupied buildings around the square. Perry reminded businesses to periodically check the cutouts where trash collects.

The team that assembled to spruce up Forsyth for visitors on Thursday included Perry, Mayor Eric Wilson, Chamber CEO/president Rebecca Stone and assistant Pam Davis, and attorneys Wendell Horne and Carl Reynolds. They were blessed with some near perfect weather as they took time to “Beautify Forsyth.”

Perry said the Chamber of Commerce is working with Beautify Forsyth to coordinate clean-ups with special events and to help make community leaders, such as those in the newly formed 2021 Leadership Monroe Class, aware of the need for on-going efforts to keep the city looking its best. Beautify Forsyth is sponsored by the city of Forsyth, which provides funds for things like signs discouraging littering, pick-up sticks, gloves, florescent vests and trash bags and encourages city officials and employees to volunteer with the clean-ups. 

Perry said all volunteers are welcome. He pointed to some of the personal rewards like exercise, sunshine, camaraderie and pride in the city. He said it is a great opportunity for organizations and clubs that need service projects and volunteer hours. He would like to see Mary Persons groups adopt the section of Highway 41 South down to the old Monroe Academy and the section of Montpelier Ave. near the high school. 

He said Beautify Forsyth encourages groups of neighbors to adopt their neighborhood and schedule regular, maybe monthly, days to get together to pick up litter. Beautify Forsyth can furnish pick-up sticks, trash bags, etc. It’s a good way to meet neighbors and help keep the neighborhood safe.

Perry said to tell motorists who throw out trash that Beautify Forsyth won’t have them arrested but might be tempted to cut their tires. (Not that they would, but whatever it takes to make people think before they litter.)