Three teenagers from the Macon area were arrested for trying to set a fire on the wooden bridge on Montpelier Springs Road on Sunday.

Two witnesses called 911 around 4:45 p.m. on Sunday after seeing several young men in a Chevy Silverado on the bridge trying to set wood on fire on the bridge. When the men saw the women, they immediately returned to their truck and left the scene quickly. The two women then took some water and put the fire out. Deputy Tedric Middlebrooks saw several pieces of burnt wood in a pile on the bridge. Middlebrooks drove off to look for the suspects and when he returned he saw three white men at the bridge getting into their truck when they saw him. One of them, George Seagraves, 17, of Musella, told the deputy they were just burning some old items he had in his truck. All three said they returned to make sure the fire was out. All three subjects were arrested for disorderly conduct. The other two were Preston Tidwell, 17, of Macon and Steven Tuck, 17, of Macon. Middlebrooks said he found a box of matches on Tuck.