A High Falls man went to jail for pulling a pistol on a coworker who allegedly peed on the toilet seat on June 1. 

According to the sheriff’s report, Alyssa Freels at N & J Maintenance on High Falls Road told deputy Peyton Henderson around 1:40 p.m. on Tuesday, June 1 that a man pulled a gun on her boyfriend, Logan Davis, 19, of High Falls. Davis said he used the restroom inside the business and he was unaware of peeing on the toilet seat. He stated after using the restroom, he went outside the business to finish working and a coworker, Jonathan Black, 36, of Griffin came outside and began to yell about the pee on the toilet seat. 

Davis said Black then went to his truck, parked in the adjacent Sunoco parking lot, and grabbed his firearm. He said that Black then stated, “Come down here, I’m gonna shoot you in your a**” and cocked the gun. He said the gun was possibly a black 9mm. 

Black told Henderson he confronted everyone outside the business about pee on the toilet seat. He said he was angry and told Davis, “I’m gonna pop you in your a**”.” Henderson asked if he had a gun, to which he stated no but that he was holding a black radar gun. 

Black then gave deputy Phillip Billingslea permission to search his truck, but no firearm was found. Henderson then asked him to show the item he was holding in his hand, and he first handed her a black metal object, stating the metal object looked like the radar gun he was holding. He then repeated multiple times that he was unsure on where he placed the radar gun. He said that he does have guns, but they were at his house. Black said his wife has a silver 9 mm handgun and that he owned a black .22 pistol.

Henderson then talked to another coworker, Michael Phillips, who said he saw Black get angry and went to his truck to retrieve a handgun. Phillips said Black then told Davis to “come here”.

Black was then handcuffed. He said he didn’t tell the truth because he was scared but that he had a gun inside the business. The gun was found inside a big wood box and Black was arrested. Charges are pending for obstruction, terroristic threats and acts, and aggravated assault.