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Goat bite causes infection

A Cumming woman reported to deputy Jonathan Joyner she was fighting an infection after being bitten by a goat while staying at an Airbnb on Hwy. 42N on Sept. 26 and needed to make a report. Joyner provided her with a case number. 


Unregistered 4-wheeler towed for no insurance

As officer Jeremy Malone was patrolling Kynette Street around 4:30 p.m. on Sept 27 he overheard a 4-wheeler traveling in the direction of Union Hill Driver and MLK Jr. Drive and as he pulled up to the intersection, he saw a man on the vehicle picking up speed as he crossed the road and drove onto the sidewalk. 

Malone decided not to initiate a stop at that time, not wanting to endanger anyone in the area. 

Malone then turned around and drove through the Blount Street area, known as an area for 4-wheeler and dirt bike riders. He drove the around the area for a few minutes and could hear the  4-wheeler but was unable to find it. 

After continuing to check the area, the officer then spotted the rider walking towards the front yard of a house on Blount Street. The man admitted riding the 4-wheeler and Malone told him about the possible charges for riding the vehicle on a public road and cited him for no insurance and an unregistered vehicle. Malone then had the 4-wheeler towed.


Woman finds a pizza box glued to top of her car

A student at the Burruss Correctional Training Center on Indian Springs Drive told Cpl. Dalton Mosley that she discovered someone had covered her 2019 Nissan Altima with trash and food after she came out of the facility on Sept. 27 around 9:30 a.m. There was also a pizza box glued to the roof. 

She told Mosely she had an idea of who trashed her vehicle but wasn’t completely sure. Mosely advised her to notify her instructors of the incident and gave her a case number. 


Metal hinge flies off back of truck and smashes windshield of car behind

A metal hinge fell off the back of a GMC Denali pickup around 12:16 p.m. on Sept. 27 and hit the windshield of a Chevy Silverado traveling on I-75 N near Rumble Road giving a scratched lip to a female passenger from broken glass that hit her face. 

Both vehicles parked on the shoulder after the incident until deputy Preston Harvey arrived. Harvey asked the woman if she needed medical assistance, but she refused. 

The Lilburn driver of the Silverado told the deputy a piece of metal fell off the truck ahead of him and struck his windshield, cracking it so badly he was unable to see so he pulled over. The woman said a wrecker was on the way and her brother was on the way to pick them up.  

The driver of the Denali told Harvey a metal hinge had fallen out of a box on the back of his vehicle and struck the Silverado’s windshield causing it to burst. He was insured. 



Man resists being returned to hospital

A man deemed mentally unfit to make decisions for himself left the Monroe County Hospital without permission on Sept. 28 around 1:52 p.m. 

Officer Jeremy Malone and Sgt. David Asbell answered the call and soon found the man walking down MLK Jr. Drive near Brookwood Drive. 

When approached by the officers, the man responded to them for a minute then quit. After trying to speak with him for several minutes, Malone asked him if he would get into his patrol car so he could take him back to the hospital and the man began walking towards the patrol car but continued walking past and refused to respond to any of the officers’ questions or comments. 

Malone walked at a faster pace towards him to get him to answer or get into the patrol vehicle. As the officer got closer, the man turned around with his hands raised in a defensive manner. Malone then grabbed his arms to keep him from trying to attack and held his hands against his chest, telling him to stop. 

The man began trying to break free and when he started to get his hands loose, Malone performed a leg sweep and put him on the ground.

With both officers holding him on the ground, the man continued to try to break free and would not obey commands. Asbell finally pulled his taser and began using drive stuns on the man while he repeatedly tried to take the taser away from the sergeant. 

He was eventually handcuffed but still continued to resist as officers were trying to place him the back of Asbell’s vehicle. 

Officer John Bogdan went to the opposite side of the car and tried to pull him into the backseat and Malone spent several minutes trying to close the door because the man’s legs were so long. 

The man finally complied, the door was shut, and he was returned to the hospital. 

EMS was called due to Asbell hurting his arm at some point during the confrontation. 


Woman with warrant begs officer not to take her to jail

A gray Honda Accord with a burned-out headlight passed officer Jeremy Malone on MLK Jr. Drive on Sept. 28 around 8:15 p.m. and the officer initiated a stop. 

The female driver had her phone out the window recording Malone as he walked up to vehicle. The woman then began accusing Malone of harassing her and saying that he knew her. 

While talking with her, she continuously cursed at him and yelling loudly while on the phone. 

At one point, she got out of her vehicle and was screaming and cursing on the telephone. She also stated during all the outbursts that she knew that the headlight was out, and it has been out since they got the car. She also stated that everyone (Forsyth PD and Monroe County Sheriff’s Office) knew about the headlight out as well. 

Malone explained that he did not know her or about the headlight being out. 

Dispatch said the woman had a suspended license and warrant out of Butts County. They confirmed the warrant but said she had not been served with the suspended license yet. Malone then cited her for the headlight and served her with a license suspension notification. 

The woman’s mother arrived on scene to take away the vehicle and the woman went into custody for her warrant out of Butts County. When Malone was handcuffing her, she tried to pull away but was unable to escape his grip and begged him several times not to take her to jail. Malone told her he had to due to the warrant.  


Man must pay for sugar momma’s bad checks

A man went to the Forsyth Police Department on Sept. 29 and told Cpl. Kimberly Barnett that he met a woman online, who he called a sugar momma, gave her his bank account information, and allowed her to make deposits and withdrawals. 

His father was notified by the bank that his account was suspended, and they went to the bank where they learned the woman had deposited checks worth $20,000 that had bounced. The bank told them they were responsible for the lost money. Barnett told the man that since he willingly gave his account information to the woman and knew she was making transactions on his account, it was not fraud or identity theft. Inv. Tellas Daniels said he would check with the DA’s office and follow up with the complainant. 


Pair arrested at Days Inn after TV and blanket found missing from room

An employee at the Days Inn on North Lee Street called police after he found a TV and a blanket missing from a room. Cpl. Kimberly Barnett responded, and the employee pointed out a broken down 2002 Ford Taurus that was parked in front of the room and said the couple in the room went walking down the road to find help for it. 

Officer Richard Maddox and investigators Tellas Daniels and Thomas found the pair and took them back to the hotel.

The male guest said that he took the TV because someone sold it to him for $30. After running his ID, it was learned he had 3 warrants from 3 different agencies. 

He was handcuffed, searched for weapons, and placed in Maddox’s patrol car. The female guest gave Maddox a false name and he told her if she wasn’t going to be honest, he was going to take her to jail and have her fingerprinted and held until she could be identified. 

She then wrote her name on a piece of paper and handed it to the officer. 

Upon checking that name she came back with an active warrant and was arrested and cited for giving false information and obstruction.


Woman claims ex-boyfriend stole her iPhone 12 

A Forsyth woman on Hwy. 42S complained to deputy Corben Becelia her ex-boyfriend stole her phone and wanted to press charges on Sept. 29 around 11 p.m. 

She said she was sitting in her car outside her house when her ex pulled up and grabbed her black iPhone 12 and drove off in an older model Crown Victoria.

Becelia called the man who said he did not take the phone. He added he had a question about his iPad, and she was helping him. He said they then got into an argument, and he left. 

The woman filled out a written statement and wanted to proceed with pressing charges. The man will be charged with theft by taking. 


Griffin felon in darkly tinted Camaro arrested for drugs and weapons

The heavily tinted windows of a white 2014 Chevrolet Camaro traveling on I-75 S near North Lee Street caught the attention of deputy Shania Hawkins on Sept. 30 around 10:35 p.m. and after stopping the car she arrested the Griffin driver on numerous charges. 

The driver told Hawkins he didn’t have a license on him, but he could give her his name and date of birth. 

She had the driver step to the rear of the Camaro, so she could hear him over the traffic and as she was asking his name, he said he had a warrant out of another county, but they would not place a hold due to Covid. 

Hawkins learned he had a suspended license and a warrant from Spalding County. 

Dispatch also said he was out on parole, and he was handcuffed. 

Deputy Corbin Becelia asked the passenger for his identification and learned he had a suspended license and was also wanted out of Spalding County. 

He was then removed from the car and handcuffed.  

When Hawkins patted down the driver she found a clear plastic bag with 29 grams of suspected ecstasy in his right front pocket. 

She also found a black holster in the front of his pants and asked him where the firearm was, but the man was silent. He was placed in the back of her patrol vehicle and a wrecker was called to seize the vehicle. 

An unloaded pink pistol was found in the glove compartment and a fully loaded .40 caliber Taurus was found under the driver’s seat. 

Dispatch said both subjects were convicted felons and Spalding County wanted to place a hold. The men were then taken to jail by Becelia. 

Warrants were sought against the driver for trafficking ecstasy, possession of a firearm during the commission of a felony, and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon. He was also cited for the tint violation and driving without a license. 

There wasn’t enough evidence to prove the passenger was aware of the firearms or the suspected ecstasy and wasn’t charged. 


Man frightens people on the Square with loud curses 

A man wearing black pants, gray shirt, and a silver chain was reported yelling and cursing at people in front of Jonah’s Pizza on East Johnston Street on Oct. 1 around 1:33 p.m. was cited for disorderly conduct and other charges by officer Jeremy Malone. 

Malone found the man while riding through the downtown area talking loudly to himself and people walking nearby were afraid to go near him. Malone repeatedly asked the man what was going on with him and he replied he was just talking. 

He refused to lower his voice and stop cursing. Malone found a methamphetamine pipe in his front right pocket and handcuffed him. 

The man complained that it was a free country for him to get high and admitted that he had smoked meth with the pipe. 

He was taken to the Monroe County Justice Center and charged with disorderly conduct, possession of drug related objects, and pedestrian under the influence of drugs or alcohol. 

Once at the jail, the nurse said she was going to refuse him until he got a psych and drug evaluation. The jail sergeant said that the nurse was allowed to refuse for those reasons. 

After speaking with supervisors, it was decided to release the man at his home. 


Woman walks out of Grits Café without 

paying for meal

A woman was charged with theft of services after she walked out of the Grits Café without paying for her food on Oct. 1 around 2:30 p.m. 

Officer Jeremy Malone located the suspect walking in front of Jonah’s Pizza and asked her what was going on. 

She replied someone had paid for her food and she left. She kept repeating that some men paid for her food and that one of them was named Mr. Woods. 

One of the staff of Grits was at the scene and Malone asked her about the payment. She replied that no one paid for the food and that the woman was in the restaurant for 45 minutes after closing time and just walked out without paying her $20.63 ticket. Malone asked the woman if she had the money to cover the cost of the meal and she said she did not. She was then taken to jail.


Man urinates behind store, charged with public indecency

A 45-year-old man was seen urinating behind Flowers by Helen on Oct. 1 by a woman who told Sgt. David Asbell she saw him run under the steps and pee on a ladder. 

Asbell spoke with the man who admitted urinating behind the building and said he couldn’t find a restroom

He was cited for public indecency. 


Ex-boyfriend throws change at Royal 7 clerk

A man was banned from the Royal 7 convenience store and Huddle House property on Cabiness Road on Oct. 2. A woman told Cpl. Anais Benjamin her ex-boyfriend came to the store and started showing out. She said that first he went to Huddle House where he works and was doing things there that he wasn’t supposed to. She said he then came to her side of the store and was saying sly comments to her. He then bought a beer and threw the change at her behind the counter. She added she tried to stay away from him and told him to stop and leave the store. She said the manager of the Huddle House saw his actions, called the police and he fled the store. 

The Huddle House manager told Benjamin the man went into the restaurant and went behind the counter off the clock and wasn’t supposed to do that. She saw his actions in the Royal 7 store and said he would be fired and wanted him banned from the property. Benjamin told her a trespassing notice would be created. 


Toddler removed from locked truck at car wash

A two-year-old child locked in a truck at Big Peach Car Wash on North Lee Street on Oct. 3 was safely removed after 10 minutes by officer Jeremy Malone and the Forsyth Fire Department. 


Man throws items from car and cracks 

woman’s windshield

A woman with a cracked windshield stopped near Rumble Road on I-75 S on Oct. 3 around 12:26 p.m. and told deputy Jonathan Joyner a man in a maroon Nissan Altima had been throwing something out his window at other vehicles and damaged her car. 

She was unable to obtain the tag number. 


Inmate caught with meth during search

A Monroe County inmate was found in possession of methamphetamine on Oct. 3 around 6 p.m. by deputy Cody Maples. A clear plastic baggie with the drug was in the inmate’s wallet during a search and a warrant was issued. 


Man smokes joint as deputy approaches 

A resident on Trey Terrace called deputies to report a suspicious 2019 Dodge Challenger in the neighborhood around 1:04 a.m. on Oct. 4 and two underage men went to jail for marijuana and a stolen Glock pistol. Cpl. Wade Kendrick responded to the call and found two 20-year-old men standing outside the Challenger which was backed in several feet off the road. 

The passenger was smoking a joint as Kendrick approached the pair and the corporal told him to put it down and asked if he had any more marijuana. The man put out the marijuana cigarette, laid it on the hood of the car and said that was all they had. Kendrick then checked both suspects for weapons and asked what they were doing in the area. They replied they had gotten a flat tire while on Hwy. 87 driving from Atlanta to Savannah and stopped at Trey Terrace to wait for help due to not having a spare tire. 

The glove box was locked, but Kendrick could smell raw marijuana and got the key from the driver and two Glock firearms as well as marijuana was found inside. Dispatch said one of the pistols was reported stolen out of Chatham County and both men were then handcuffed, read their rights, and taken to jail for marijuana possession, possession of a firearm by a minor, possession of a weapon during commission of a felony, and receiving stolen property. The driver was also cited for tint violation.


Man trespasses within minutes after being told not to return

Employees at the Hong Kong Palace on Tift College Drive took pity on a hungry man with no money and gave him a plate of food on Oct. 4 but after two hours of him in the restaurant and using their telephone to call his mother, they couldn’t get him to leave and called police. Officer Richard Maddox spoke with the man who he knew from previous issues and the man told him he was waiting for a ride. Maddox gave him a verbal trespass warning and he left without incident. Forty minutes later, the man returned to the restaurant and the police were called again. Maddox found him trying to speak with the cashier and was ignoring his questions. He was arrested, taken to jail, and charged with trespassing. 


Man’s pants thrown in mud after argument

Cpl. Kimberly Barnett was sent to a Hunter Street dispute on Oct. 5 and a woman told her she and a man got into an argument because he believed she had been talking bad about him around town. She said during the fight, she pulled out a knife and told him to leave. She also told Barnett she realized the man had taken $20 from her wallet but then later changed it to $60. She said he grabbed her and “Slung her around like a rag doll” however she had no marks. 

Barnett and Inv. Tellas Daniels later found the man on Jones Street who said they did have an argument, but he never grabbed her or took her money. Barnett asked him to turn out his pockets and show how much money he had on him, and he showed her $20. He said that it was pay for taking out the trash at a restaurant. 

Barnett and Daniels then returned to the woman and found that she had thrown a pair of pants in the mud which she said belonged to the man. Daniels told her she couldn’t destroy his property and made her pick them up. She then became irate and said she didn’t want anything done and that she had given the $20 to the man. 

Barnett returned to the man and told him she was going to verify if he got the money at the restaurant and would speak with him again if necessary. She also told him the homeowner said he didn’t want him back on the property where the woman lived. The corporal then took him to retrieve his pants and gave him a ride to Sharp Street.


Drugs found inside abandoned duffle bag

A blue duffle bag was found along the wood line by a man who told deputy Shania Hawkins on Oct. 5 around 5:05 p.m. there were also two pairs of shoes next to the bag that was sitting by a bush. He said when he opened the bag, he found a pill bottle and what he believed to be drugs inside of a plastic bag. He added he did not see anyone around the neighborhood and wasn’t sure how long it had been there. The bag, pill bottle and suspected methamphetamines were all wet due to rain. Hawkins logged the items into evidence. 


Washed out road puts Toyota Rav4 into ditch

A woman told Cpl. Nicholas Ortiz she was driving on Berner Loop in her grey 2021 Toyota Rav4 around 10:39 a.m. on Oct. 8 when she noticed the road flooding. Still, she continued until the road gave out causing her vehicle to sink into a ditch and the passenger compartment began filling up with water. Her car was removed from the ditch by Mid Georgia Towing.