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Rowdy woman banned from Huddle House

The manager of Huddle House on Cabaniss Road asked police to ban a woman from the property after she caused a disturbance when she came into the restaurant for a meal on Nov 19. An employee said due to past dealings with the woman she refused to prepare her meal but the other cook was going to do it. The woman then began making terroristic threats by saying, “I will slap her”. 


Woman complaining about boyfriend’s abuse goes to jail on warrant

A woman who called in a domestic disturbance on Blount Road was taken to jail by deputy Shania Hawkins for a probation violation around 6:50 p.m. on Nov. 20. The woman told Hawkins her boyfriend punched her in the face after they got into an argument over a medication then left to go to his son’s house. She was unsure of the address. 

She said she did not want him to go to jail for it but wanted to make a report. She also said that earlier, around 1 p.m., a deputy came out to the house because they had gotten into an argument, and he had hit her. She said she did not tell the deputy he had hit her because she did not want him arrested. Therefore, they were given a warning. 

After running the woman’s information through dispatch, Hawkins learned the woman was wanted by the Holly Springs Police Department and that they wanted to place a hold. She was then handcuffed and turned over to the custody of the jail staff. 


Deadbeat customer curses restaurant employees

A man without the money to pay for his meal at Shoney’s on Harold G. Clarke Parkway was cited for disorderly conduct and banned from the property after he cursed employees on Nov. 20. The restaurant’s manager told officer Richard Maddox that the man asked her to allow him to go to the truck stop at exit 201 to get the money and come back and pay. She asked him for his license and told him she would hold it until he returned. The man then became enraged, slamming his hand down on the counter and began cursing at her and the server. He called them both “b**ches” in a very loud tone that all the other customers and children could hear. He was cited for disorderly conduct and after someone added money to his debit account so that he could pay for his meal, he was given a criminal trespass notice for the property.


Woman breaks into apartment and attacks girl

A woman that had been banned from a Union Hill apartment returned on Nov. 20 around 1:56 p.m. and forced her way inside by breaking the lock. Upon entering the apartment, she broke the resident’s laptop and grabbed her 12-year-old daughter by the hair and took her to the ground. Warrants will be taken out on the woman for cruelty to children.


Intoxicated driver causes interstate accident

Cpl. Larry Sullivan witnessed a three-car accident near the I-475 split on I-75 N on Nov. 20 around 2:24 a.m. and the Macon woman who caused the accident went to jail for DUI. Sullivan saw the woman’s 2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser rear-end another SUV in the middle lane which caused it to side swipe a truck in the left lane. The Toyota then stopped in the middle lane but moved to the right shoulder behind the other vehicles involved in the accident when Sullivan approached with emergency equipment activated. 

She told Sullivan she was unsure where her license was and did not have her insurance information. She admitted that she wasn’t paying attention when she rear-ended the SUV. 

Sullivan could smell alcohol and asked if she had consumed any recently and she answered that she had drank one beer when she left work at 9 p.m. 

After failing a sobriety test and receiving a high positive on the breathalyzer test, she was cited for DUI and taken to jail. 


Three motorcyclists flee deputies, one caught and arrested

A 19-year-old Lithia Springs man was charged with fleeing and tag violations on Nov. 20 after a BOLO was issued for three speeding motorcycles weaving between lanes around 5 p.m. Sgt. Stephen Phipps spotted the bikes near North Lee Street and initiated a stop, but the riders began to flee. Deputy Dustin Ramsey assisted in the chase of two of the motorcycles while Cpl. Dalton Mosely pursued the third until near Hwy. 36 when he was notified to help with the second motorcycle. 

Near Hwy. 16, Mosely spotted the bike, a black 2006 Kawasaki ZX6R, and tried to stop it by moving his patrol car onto the shoulder where the rider was traveling at a high rate of speed. The man then went around the left side of Mosely’s car reaching speeds of over 100 mph. 

Ramsey then got next to the bike and kept it in the right lane and the deputies tried to box it in. The rider slowed as he approached the Hwy. 16 offramp and Mosely was able to get beside him and channel him to the shoulder. 

The man suddenly hit his brakes and struck the back right side of Mosely’s patrol car and his motorcycle crashed. Ramsey and Mosely handcuffed the driver and took him to jail. 


Woman suspects sister stole Cricut machine from home

A woman claimed her sister stole an item from her Kynette Street home on Nov. 21 but told officer John Bogdan she doesn’t want to press charges if she gets it back. She said her sister was seen entering her home through the front left window and taking a white Cricket Cricut machine and had text messages from a witness who is also their cousin stating she saw it happen. 

Bogdan spoke to the other sister by phone who told him her sister had got mad at her because her baby was crying and she couldn’t go out with her. 

She admitted entering the home but only to gather her belongings and hers alone. She added that she didn’t know what her sister was talking about. The case will be forwarded to investigations. 


Man lands in jail after mom fails to handle his insurance

A man driving a white Chevrolet Tahoe north on Lee Street without a seat belt was stopped by officer Richard Maddox and went to jail for driving with no insurance on Nov. 21 around 2:03 p.m. The driver pulled into the Royal Seven Travel Center parking lot and told Maddox he’d lost his wallet but gave him his name and date of birth. 

The officer learned he had a valid license but when he ran the tag on the vehicle, he found it had no valid insurance. When the man was asked about the insurance, he told Maddox he wasn’t sure because his mother handled all that. Maddox had him step from the vehicle, handcuffed him, and took him to the Monroe County jail.


Man shouting in street cited for disorderly conduct

A man yelling profanities at people in the middle of street on the corner of Ruby Road and Hayes Drive was taken to jail by Cpl. Larry Sullivan around midnight on Nov. 22. 

A complainant told Sullivan the man had gone to her home on Springdale Road and yelled at her for having his dog sent to animal services. Sullivan then drove down Hayes Drive and found the man in the street yelling at people.

When Sullivan exited his vehicle, the man began yelling profanities at him and walking away. Sullivan returned to his car and followed the man for around 30 feet while he continued to shout and then suddenly jumped in front of the patrol car. 

Sullivan again got out of his car and asked the man to calm down and speak to him without yelling. He continued shouting and when the corporal moved towards him, he turned and tried to run away. Sullivan grabbed him and as he tried to push away, the corporal took him to the ground and Sgt. Rhonda Seckinger helped handcuff him. He was taken to jail and cited for disorderly conduct. 


Man banned from Forsyth Garden for rude messages 

A man was forbidden to return to the Forsyth Garden Apartments on Cabiness Road on Nov. 22 after the manager told officer David Asbell the man had been leaving rude messages to her after he was evicted. He was then issued a ban notice which he signed. Asbell informed him not to return or he could face charges. 


Elderly woman banned from Walmart

A 73-year-old woman who “skip scanned” two items at the Forsyth Walmart was banned from the store on Nov. 23 after officer David Asbell was shown video of the woman failing to scan a pecan pie and oil treatment. The items are valued at $6.48. 

The security officer also showed Asbell footage of the woman on additional days not scanning items and leaving the store. The officer told Asbell he didn’t want her arrested but wanted her banned. She was issued a notice.


Man steals Bud Light from Ingles, warrant issued

A 61-year-old man has a warrant for burglary after the manager of Ingles Market on Tift College Drive told Cpl. Bruce Hughley a man previously banned from the property had left the store with $461.73 worth of Bud Light without paying.


Unlicensed driver goes to jail after speeding on interstate

A man speeding at 90 mph in a gold Honda Accord on I-75 north near Cabiness Road was stopped by officer Richard Maddox who took him to jail for driving without a license around 9:30 a.m. on Nov. 25. After Maddox learned his license was suspended for failure to appear, he handcuffed and arrested him. The car was turned over to a female passenger.


Intoxicated driver tries to air out car as officer approaches

A black Ford Edge was speeding at 106 mph in the middle lane of I75 N near Hwy. 18 and the 21-year-old male driver was arrested for DUI-refusal and an open container by officer Richard Maddox on Nov. 25 around 12:34 p.m.

Maddox noticed all the windows were down on the car and could smell alcohol as he approached. The officer also saw the man’s eyes were glassy and bloodshot and asked when he last had something to drink. He replied between midnight and 1 a.m. that morning. He eventually agreed to a sobriety test but had to be told twice to step to the rear of his car after stepping out. He failed the test by not remembering to count and miscounting several times and dropping his foot. He refused to submit to a blood test.

He was cuffed and arrested but refused to take a seat in the rear of the patrol vehicle until Maddox advised him he could either voluntarily enter the car or could be forced in. An open bottle of Jim Beam was found in his vehicle. 


Woman gives up her bag of weed to officer

A woman driving a red Nissan Versa with expired registration was found to have marijuana in her car by officer Richard Maddox after he stopped her on I-75 N near North Lee Street around 3:54 p.m. on Nov. 25. Maddox could smell marijuana in the car and when he asked her about it, she handed him a clear plastic bag with less than one ounce of the weed. She was cited and released with a court date.