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Two meth heads go to jail

Two High Falls men were arrested for methamphetamine possession after being stopped for a suspended registration in a 2005 Dodge Dakota at the Dollar General on High Falls Road on June 30, around 2:34 p.m. Cpl. Thomas Haskins ran the men’s identities and learned the passenger had several warrants for his arrest. 

Both men were extremely nervous while talking to the corporal and the passenger kept putting his hand in the seat after being told several times to keep his hands visible. Haskins instructed him to exit the vehicle, and he was handcuffed. When asked if there was anything illegal inside the vehicle, he blurted out that there was a match box with methamphetamine, in the passenger seat and gave consent to search. 

Haskins found the meth and located a needle, which was loaded with a liquid substance. The driver admitted the needle belonged to him and that the substance was “insulin”.  

Haskins asked him if he tested the liquid, would it test positive for methamphetamine, to which he then answered that it was in fact, methamphetamine. 

He was handcuffed and both subjects were placed into Haskins’ patrol vehicle and charged with methamphetamine. Upon arrival at the jail, the driver had a medical issue and was taken to the Monroe County Hospital. He was told he need to turn himself in after he was released from medical care. He was also cited for the suspended registration


Woman driving with no seatbelt and using phone goes to jail

A woman in a green Kia Sportage was busy with her phone and driving north on MLK Drive at Brookwood Drive without a seatbelt when she was spotted by officer Richard Maddox around 10:10 a.m. on July 4. When Maddox stopped her and asked for her license, she said she didn’t have it with her but gave the officer her name and date of birth. 

Maddox learned her license was suspended and that she had a warrant for a probation violation. Before she was handcuffed and taken to jail and cited for driving without a license, failure to exercise care, and no seatbelt, she was allowed to call the registered owner of the Kia who came for the car. 


Woman reports lottery tickets stolen from car at Union Hill Apartments

A Union Hill Apartments woman told Cpl. Kimberly Barnett that someone stole 3 lottery tickets from her on July 4. She told Barnett she was looking out her living room window at her 2007 Chevy Cobalt when she saw a man she knew walk by her car and when he turned and saw her, he walked away. She said she moved to another window and saw him standing a few cars over with his hand in his pocket. 

She told Barnett she had 3 lottery tickets missing from the front seat of her car. She also mentioned that she couldn’t lock her car doors. 

She added that she left her house around 4 a.m. earlier that morning to go to work and when she got to I-285 she had a flat tire and believed neighbors had stabbed her tire. Barnett told her since she was unable to lock her car, she should not leave anything of value in the vehicle and gave her a case number.

The corporal then spoke with a neighbor who said the complainant had also accused her of breaking into her car and didn’t wish to be involved but told Barnett she was also sitting in her living room looking out the window and watched the man walk by the red Chevy but that he didn’t go into the car. 


Woman who threatens to start a fight arrested at Union Hill Apartments

Cpl. Bruce Hughley Jr. and Maj. Alexander Daniels responded to a disturbance at the Union Hill Apartments involving a man and a woman on July 4 and the woman told the officers she wanted the man to leave. The man said they had been arguing and all he wanted was to be left alone and go to sleep but the woman kept going into his room demanding him to leave. 

The woman told Hughley and Daniels again that she wanted the man to leave and if the police didn’t make him leave, she was going to act out and start a fight. She wouldn’t calm down, so she was arrested for disorderly conduct and taken to jail to be booked. 


Unlicensed Tennessee man caught speeding through Forsyth on interstate

A silver Chevrolet Tahoe was clocked doing 95 mph on I-75 N near Tift College Drive and officer Richard Maddox stopped the unlicensed Tennessee driver on the left shoulder near Hwy. 83 around 6:40 p.m. on July 5.  The 21-year-old man was then arrested for speeding, reckless driving, and driving without a license. The vehicle was released to a licensed female passenger. 


Angry woman upset over spilled drink

An angry woman told Cpl. Anais Benjamin that a 43-year-old man in her home on Blount Street was being loud and talking back to her on July 5. She said she wanted him to go to bed and be quiet but before that, clean up a mess that he had made.

The man told Benjamin she was crazy and messing with him. He said she got upset when he made a mistake and spilled his drink. He tried to clean it up, but she wouldn’t let him. He then told Benjamin he would do it and go to bed. 

Benjamin watched him clean the mess and go to his room and the woman then said she was satisfied. The corporal told her a report would be made. 


Man jailed for no insurance on Dodge truck

A man in a black Dodge truck making an illegal left turn onto Lee Street off Russell Parkway was arrested by officer Richard Maddox around 5:22 a.m. on July 7 after Maddox learned he was driving without insurance. The man said his wife was supposed to pay the insurance, but he was taken to the Monroe County Jail. 


Man surprises his ex at the Waffle House

A man showed up unexpectedly at the Waffle House on Tift College Drive where his ex was having dinner with her new boyfriend and ended up being cited for driving on a suspended license around 10:34 p.m. on July 7. 

The ex-girlfriend told officer Arthur Musselman the man showed up unannounced at the restaurant and refused to let her leave. She said he wanted to argue with her about their relationship and the custody of their children.

A check of the man’s license showed his license had been suspended for child support obligations back in December. A friend later came and picked up him, his daughter, and his truck. 


Man removed from motel room after dog complaint

A guest at the Super 8 Motel on Tift College Drive was told to vacate his room due to dog complaints. The front desk clerk asked officer Jeremy Malone around 1:10 p.m. on July 7 to remove the guest because his service dogs were destroying his room. 

Malone and Cpl. Kimberly Barnett went to the man’s room who agreed to leave without confrontation. He emptied the room and the staff and officers then inspected it, finding no damages other than a large urine stain in the middle of one of the beds. 


Loose trailer rams house on James Street

A U-Haul car trailer loaded with a pick-up truck became unhitched from a 2019 GMC Sierra while traveling south on I-75 and rammed a house on James Street on July 8. The driver told Cpl. Bruce Hughley, Jr. the trailer became unhooked from the truck and went off road damaging about 100 feet of fence before hitting the house. The block foundation of the house was damaged, and the homeowner was notified of the incident. 


Man won’t cooperate with deputy after being stabbed

A Forsyth man was uncooperative and declined to press charges after he was stabbed at a home on Sydney Court around 12:50 a.m. on July 10. Deputy Wade Kendrick spoke to the victim, who had a large cut to his right shoulder blade, in the driveway of the residence. Kendrick asked him several times what happened and who stabbed him, but he was very uncooperative and would not answer any questions. He also said he did not wish to press charges that he just wanted medical treatment. Upon arrival of EMS, he was taken for treatment 

Kendrick spoke to a witness who she did not see what happened, but she heard two men arguing and when the victim came back into the bedroom, he was bleeding. She said she did not know the offender, nor had she ever seen him before. She said he was driving a black in color Mercedes car, had an afro and had only been at the residence for around ten minutes. She said she had no other information. 


Man thinks ex-girlfriend put trash in his tank

Yard debris was allegedly put in a gas tank of a man’s truck on Blount Road around according to a complaint made by a man around 8:31 p.m. on July 11 to deputy Larry Sullivan. The man told Sullivan his ex-girlfriend went to his house and placed debris into the gas tank of his truck. 

He said he went to work Saturday, stopped to get gas, and realized grass and mulch was inside of the fuel door to his truck. He said the trash went into his gas tank which he had to remove to clean out. 

He also stated when he asked his ex-girlfriend about the incident, she admitted to putting in the debris. Sullivan called the woman who told him she was in Fayetteville filing out a police report in reference to her ex-boyfriend threatening to shoot her. She said she had not done anything to his vehicle and asked for information on how to get a temporary restraining order. The deputy referred her to the Care Cottage.


Couple gets into squabble at Marcos Pizza

A couple was asked to leave Marcos Pizza after having a dispute around 12:21 a.m. on July 11. A couple told Officer Shenita Bell they were having an argument about their relationship. A woman told Bell she was upset with her boyfriend because he cheated on her, and she just recently learned she was pregnant. She admitted touching the man on the face, but he had no marks or bruises. 

The man said he did not wish to press charges because it was his fault for stepping out. He said he was sorry and offered to give the woman a ride home. The woman was told by Marcos Pizza employees she was no longer welcome at the restaurant and the pair left.


Woman finds phony money in motel parking lot

A woman flagged down Chief Eddie Harris in the parking lot of the Hampton Inn Motel around 11:50 a.m. on July 12 and told him she found a fake $50 bill while she was cleaning the lot. She told Harris she believed counterfeit money was being produced by a couple staying at the motel. Harris took the bill, placed it into evidence and turned the case over to investigations. 


Man told to permit hens  and get rid of roosters

Cpl. Kimberly Barnett answered a complaint on Hillsdale Road about a man having roosters and chickens at his home on July 12. The homeowner admitted to Barnett that he did have the fowl at the home without a city permit. The corporal told him he would have to permit the chickens and that he couldn’t have roosters even with a permit. The man said they would all be moved within a few hours. 


Woman arrested with pockets full of shoplifted items

A Macon woman was caught with her jacket pockets full of stolen items from the Rum Creek Convenience Store on Hwy. 87 and was taken to jail by deputy Jaleel Brown around 10:46 p.m. on July 13. 

Robert McCollum, the owner of the store, told Brown a woman dressed in jean shorts and a black hoody with a red cap, entered his store and took several items without paying. McCollum said he confronted the woman and told her she needed to remove the store property from her jacket and leave the store. She then left the store walking, and he called the sheriff’s office to report the theft. He also told the deputy his onsite electrician knew the woman and called her to bring the items back to the store. 

While waiting for her return, McCollum reviewed camera footage showing the suspect taking items from the shelf and placing them in her jacket pockets. After around 20 minutes, he texted her requesting his items back. He also texted her a deputy was on scene and wanted her to sign a trespass document.

While sitting across the street at the Dollar General Store on Hwy. 18, Brown saw a woman walking east toward the store matching the description of the subject. He identified her and made her empty her jacket with the stolen items. She was then arrested and taken to jail for shoplifting. 


Man released from jail in case of mistaken identity

A 33-year-old Macon man in a gold 1997 Mercedes was arrested then released in a case of mistaken identity after he failed to obey a traffic control device at the intersection of Lee Street and Main Street. Sgt. Todd Haskins stopped the car on Harris Street and his license came back as suspended for child support obligations. While speaking with Johnson, Haskins saw a chrome plated pistol in the passenger seat, and had dispatch check the man’s criminal history for felony convictions. Dispatch said he had a felony conviction out of California and deputy Phillip Billingslea handcuffed the driver and placed him in the rear of his patrol car. 

The man was adamant that he had never been to California so once he was left in the Monroe County Jail Haskins went to dispatch to recheck his criminal history and discovered a mistake had been made and dropped the charges. The man was then released, taken to get his car from Watts Wrecker Service, and his pistol was returned. 


Unlicensed driver 

taken to jail

A man had to call a family member to pick up a Nissan Maxima he was driving while his license was revoked after his arrest on July 13 on North Lee Street.  Officer Richard Maddox discovered the man was driving without a license when he ran his tag number and pulled him over in the Little Caesar’s parking lot. He was taken to the Monroe County Jail. Maddox waited with the car until it was retrieved by a licensed member of the man’s family.


Pitbull prevents city employee from doing his duty

A white and brown Pitbull was hindering a city employee who told officer Jeremy Malone he needed to check meters on Willis Wilder Drive. The employee said the dog kept approaching him and barking. Neighbors said they have tried to get the dog owner to tie up the dog, but he laughs at them and closes the door. 

Sgt. David Asbell assisted with the dog while Malone knocked on the dog owner’s door. The homeowner then yelled at a juvenile to go outside and get the dog. He told Malone that he owned the home, but the boy was the owner of the dog. When Malone asked him how he was going to solve the problem, the man replied that it wasn’t his problem, and he has told the boy to get rid of the dog several times. With the man’s attitude and his lack of help, Malone decided to cite him for the loose dog. 


Working man drives 

uninsured pickup truck

A gray pickup without tag lights was impounded after the driver failed to produce registration and insurance documents on July 14 around 3:42 a.m. Officer Arthur Musselman spotted the truck on North Lee Street near Johnston Street and followed it to MLK, Jr. Drive and Sharp Street where he made the stop. 

The driver told Musselman he thought he was being stopped because the truck did not have registration and that he had received several tickets for the same thing from other agencies. He said he is making payments for the truck and still owes around $4,800 and couldn’t get the registration changed until it was paid off.

He gave the officer an insurance card with someone else’s name that had expired in April 2016. The vehicle was taken by Watts Towing for storage and Musselman took the man to a location on North Frontage Road and dropped him off with his work tools. 


Union Hills fight results in two women cut by glass

Warrants will be taken after two women received cuts during a fight at Union Hills Apartments on July 15. Cpl. Bruce Hughley, Jr. spoke with a woman who said she went to see a friend who lives in the apartment and when she entered, she immediately started fighting with another woman and one of them broke a window. She said that on the previous day, the woman had thrown ice on her. 

During the melee, she was cut on the left side of her head but refused to go to the emergency room. The other woman was cut on her left arm and taken to the Monroe County Hospital. 


Would-be shoplifter gets away in old pickup

A bald man in a blue shirt nearly made off with almost $500 worth of household goods and groceries from Ingles on July 16. An employee told Cpl. Kimberly Barnett she saw a man push a full buggy of groceries past the registers without paying. She said when she called out to him to stop, he quickly pushed the buggy back into the store and ran out. 

She said he then jumped into the passenger seat of an older model black Ford F-150 that had a gas hose hanging from the gas tank and left. The employee called an Ingles gas attendant who told her a man paid $10 at pump 7 then drove off with the gas handle still attached to his truck. She said he picked up the other man in the parking lot who had attempted the shoplifting. 

Items in the shopping cart included 9 packs of steaks, 6 packs of ox tails, and 4 packs of snow crab legs. Ingles management will be reviewing security footage of the incident. 


Burger King employee doesn’t appreciate pet names

A Burger King employee on North Lee Street complained to officer Richard Maddox that he was tired of the pet names his female manager was calling him. He told Maddox on July 16 he and the manager had not been getting along all day and she kept calling him names like “Baby”, “Boo”, and “Honey”. He said he told her repeatedly to stop. 

He said he also told the district manager who was in the store at the time and was told that it would be handled but he wanted immediate action. 

The district manager asked the employee to leave several times, but he refused. Maddox then gave him a verbal criminal trespass warning and he left the business. 


Huddle House employee gets rowdy over paycheck

A Huddle House employee caused a disturbance over his paycheck and was given a criminal trespass warning on July 16. Cpl. Kimberly Barnett responded to the call and the manager told her an employee was upset because the checks had not been received by corporate and she had to write checks to all the employees. The angry employee demanded to see the breakdown of his hours and taxes that he couldn’t see on a handwritten check.

He then began calling everyone names and yelling in the restaurant. When the manager told him she had called police, he promptly left. He was ordered to stay off the property.