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Man wanted by FBI found in Forsyth

The driver of a blue Dodge pickup traveling north on Lee Street at Patrol Road was discovered to have an FBI warrant for possession of an unregistered weapon after officer Richard Maddox ran his tag on Dec. 19 around 8:16 a.m. Maddox followed him to Starbucks where the man pulled into the drive-thru and the officer was able to drive by his car and make a positive ID.

Cpl. Kimberly Barnett arrived to wait with Maddox until the man left the parking lot to pull him over. When he left, he sped out, turning right then left onto Lee Street. Maddox finally caught up with him at the carwash on Patrol Road, had him step out of his vehicle and immediately handcuffed him.  The FBI said they would extradite, and he was taken to jail. 


Woman driving high on crack taken to hospital 

Officer David Asbell stopped a gold Toyota 4-Runner with front-end damage for failing to maintain lane near the on ramp to I-75 N at North Lee Street on Dec. 20 and the female driver was charged on drug violations. The woman had pinpoint pupils, jerky movements, and irregular speech so Asbell called EMS after she admitted to possessing drug items. 

While she was being checked by EMTs, Asbell found a glass pipe and a small bong with white residue in her purse along with suspected cocaine and crack. When asked about the damage on her car, she told the officer she had hit something but didn’t know what it was. The EMTs said she had medical issues and took her to the hospital. The rock cocaine tested positive, and charges will be filed upon receipt of the lab results. 


Freightliner driver jailed for no license

The driver of a black Freightliner tractor-trailer was arrested for driving on a suspended license by officer Richard Maddox around 10:24 a.m. on Dec. 22. Maddox stopped the semi for traveling in the far-left lane near Cabiness Road on I-75N and learned the driver’s license had been suspended for failure to appear. The man was cited, put in the rear of Maddox’s patrol car, and taken to jail. 


Man with Lamar County warrant taken into custody

A man wanted out of Lamar County was driving north on Lee Street when he was stopped for a burned-out taillight by officer Jeremy Malone around 12:51 a.m. on Dec. 22. He was taken to the Monroe County Jail when Malone learned the warrant was valid.  


Main Street driver arrested for no insurance

Officer Richard Maddox ran the tags on a black Honda Accord  traveling east on Main Street around 10:35 a.m. on Dec. 23 and learned the car was uninsured. He stopped the driver who pulled over on Jackson Street at Chambers Street and asked for his insurance card. The driver said he thought he had insurance but after a call to Progressive by dispatch it was learned it had been cancelled for two weeks. He was handcuffed behind his back and taken to jail. 


Man wanting to cash check sets off bank alarm

The side door to the Robins Federal Bank was left unlocked by overnight cleaning personnel on Dec. 23 and a customer set off the alarm the next morning when he entered the bank before it opened. According to security footage viewed by officer David Asbell and branch manager India Crumpton, the man entered through the side door and stood in the lobby for a while as if he was waiting for a teller then dropped his phone as he exited the building, never entering any non-public areas. 

Verizon contacted the man and he returned to the bank and said he had gone there to cash a check but realized it was closed and left.


Man believes deceased neighbor wants to fight

A Powerhouse Road man called police on Dec. 24 saying his neighbor was threatening to fight him. Officer John Bogdan responded and learned the man he was referring to has been dead for years. Bogdan then returned to service. 

This was the second time the man has made this complaint. The first happened 2 days earlier when he said he heard his neighbor making threats through the walls. 


Unlicensed driver arrested on Christmas Eve

A Ford Expedition traveling on Lee Street with a burned-out taillight caught the attention of officer Jeremy Malone around 11:35 on Dec. 24 and the Forsyth driver went to jail for driving unlicensed. The man told Malone he didn’t have a license and hadn’t had one in a long time. After he was arrested, he told the officer he had Christmas dinner on the stove but was unable to remember anyone’s number. The officer went to the man’s home and let his family know he had been arrested so he could be bonded out and made sure the stove was turned off. 


Drunk driver locked up on way to Christmas dinner

A man driving intoxicated on South Lee Street went to jail on Christmas Day after he was stopped by officer John Bogdan near Sharp Street when the officer ran the plates on his gray Nissan Murano and learned he was driving on a suspended license. The man admitted to Bogdan in slurred and slow speech that he knew his license was suspended and handed him a limited permit drivers license. He told Bogdan he was driving to a friend’s house in Macon for a Christmas dinner. 

Cpl. Jeremy Malone had the man step from the car and after a sobriety test, determined he was intoxicated on some substance. The man claimed all he took was Claritin but was handcuffed and put in a patrol car. He refused to submit to a blood test and was cited for driving without a license and DUI-refusal. 



Ruckus at the Roadway Inn

Two sisters staying at the Roadway Inn on Hwy. 42 who got into an argument in front of officer Anais Benjamin as well as their children were both cited for disorderly conduct on Dec. 26. One of the sisters told Benjamin that the other sister would not leave her alone, kept talking about her and doing things that got her upset. She just wanted her sister to stop and leave her alone.

The other sister said her sister pays part of the rent for the room, but she was upset because she kept talking and she was tired of her. She then started loading items in her car saying she would leave the room and find another place to stay the next day.

When the officer asked them if either one would be willing to leave until the next morning, neither wanted to leave and began to fuss again in front of small children in the room. The women were then both cited and ordered to leave each other alone. 


Drunk man given ride home

A woman at Union Hill Apartments called police because a drunk man wouldn’t leave her home on Dec. 26. She told officer Anais Benjamin she wanted the man to leave because he was drunk. Benjamin took him out of the apartment and drove him to his Blount Street home. 


Officer responds to Days Inn disturbance

Officer Jerry Rafferzeder responded to a disturbance at the Days Inn on North Lee Street around 10:22 a.m. on Dec. 27 and spoke with a Juliette man who was waiting for him in front of the office. The man told him he had been visiting with his ex-girlfriend, a Forsyth woman, and she had taken his cell phone and went into her room. He said she would not answer the door, so he called 911.

Officer Richard Maddox went to the room to speak with the woman who was staying with her sister. The hotel’s owner, Mike Akir, also entered the room, discovered the TV had been damaged and requested the woman pay him $300 for the set to which she complied. The owner also requested that all parties involved be banned from the property, and they were given verbal trespass notices. The woman said she knew nothing about the man’s phone, and he was told the matter would have to be taken up in civil litigation.


Woman pulls gun on dog

A McCrackin Street woman complained to Cpl. Dalton Mosely that her neighbor had pulled a gun on her dog and her son was standing next to it around 5 p.m. on Dec. 27.  She said she heard her dog barking and saw that her neighbor had a gun in her hand and was shaking. The woman told her the dog had come at her barking and aggressive. She told the corporal she was upset that the woman had a gun and her son was outside and wanted to make a report. 

Mosely spoke with the neighbor who told him she was wearing her air pods and was putting trash in her car to take to the dump when the dog came up to her barking and being aggressive. She said she grabbed her pistol from her car for protection and the dog left to hide under the porch. She said she never aimed the weapon, just grabbed it in case the dog tried to attack her. She added she was shaking from fearing the dog. Mosely told the complainant the woman was justified in pulling the firearm. 


Driver with suspended license arrested on Lee Street

A black Nissan Xterra traveling south on Lee Street with an expired temporary tag made a left turn on to Main Street and was stopped by officer Richard Maddox on Dec. 28 around 8 a.m. The driver pulled over in front of United Bank and Maddox asked him for his license. He replied his license was lost but gave the officer his name. Dispatch said he had a suspended license and Maddox had him step out of the car, arrested him, and took him to the Monroe County Jail. 


Babies’ daddy put in jail 

Sounds of an argument were heard by a 911 dispatcher when a call was cut short and officer David Asbell was immediately sent to a mobile home park on Patrol Road on Dec. 29 and found a woman standing in a yard with her clothing disheveled, mud and grass on her clothing and legs, and blood on her lip. She told Asbell her babies’ daddy had hit her, taken her phone, and pushed her to the ground. 

She said when he came to the house unannounced and was beating on the door, her 7-year-old daughter opened the door, and he came in and started demanding money from her. She said she had sold a car and he claimed it was his and wanted the money from the sale. He then struck her in the face, and she had to fight him off. He also knocked the TV off its stand. She then tried to call 911 and he grabbed her phone. She told Asbell she chased him out of the trailer trying to get her phone and he knocked her down in the gravel. She added that she kicked his dark Mustang as he drove away. 

While the officer was speaking with her, the man returned saying he had come to get the money his babies’ mama owed him, although he admitted that the title was in her name. He returned her phone and also showed Asbell his eye where he said he was hit by the woman when she jumped him. He was promptly arrested for battery, interference with a 911 call, and cruelty to children and was housed in the Monroe County Jail. The woman was charged with disorderly conduct for kicking the car.


Drunk biker admits he’s dangerous

A Yatesville man went to jail after nearly falling off his motorcycle while driving intoxicated around 11:30 p.m. on Dec. 29. Deputy Corbin Becelia noticed the bike on Collier Road crossing the double yellow line on multiple occasions and at times looked as though he was going to fall off. Becelia activated his emergency blue lights to initiate a traffic stop but the driver of the motorcycle took almost a mile to come to a complete stop at the intersection of Smith Road and Collier Road and then fell off the motorcycle. 

The deputy could smell alcohol as he approached him and had to ask for his license several times before the driver understood the question. His speech was slurred, and his eyes were bloodshot and told Becelia he had a few drinks of beer at the Moose Club. 

He consented to a sobriety test which he failed after missing every heel to toe step and taking only three steps. He also had to use his arms for balance and did an improper turn. After receiving a high reading on a breathalyzer test, he was arrested for DUI and failure to maintain lane. As he was being placed in the rear of the patrol car the man quipped, “It’s a good thing you got me off the road. I am a dangerous mother f**ker and probably would have killed someone tonight”.


Drunk driver asleep at the wheel on I-75

After a BOLO was issued by Monroe County dispatch on a white SUV that was all over the road near High Falls Road on I-75 S around 2:02 a.m. on Dec. 31, deputy Matthew Mimbs saw the Jeep completely stopped in the right lane near North Lee Street and found the woman driver asleep at the wheel with the car running and in drive. He knocked on the window several times before she finally woke up and he had her pull over to the shoulder.

He could smell alcohol on her breath as he asked for her license and noticed her eyes were bloodshot. He asked her how much she had to drink, and she responded, “Not a lot. Just two glasses of wine.” She then pointed at a mixed drink in her front cup holder. Mimbs asked the woman to step to the front of his patrol car and he saw a blue wristband on her right wrist. She told the deputy it was from The Roof at Ponce City Market (a cocktail bar).  

After being unable to maintain her balance during a sobriety test and receiving a high positive reading for breath alcohol, she was handcuffed and taken to jail where she was cited for cited for DUI, open container, and improper stopping in the roadway.


Man has trouble putting on shoes during DUI arrest 

A black Ford Ranger ran 40 feet off the road on the 1800 block of Juliette Road around 7 p.m. on New Year’s Eve and the inebriated driver was taken to jail by Cpl. Larry Sullivan. The Juliette man told Sullivan he was fine after the one-vehicle accident but had unsteady movement and slurred speech while sitting in the pickup. 

After giving the corporal his license, the man had to have help from EMTs to put on his shoes and get out the vehicle. He refused any medical treatment from EMS. He nearly fell over after getting out of the truck and Sullivan saw that he was very unsteady on his feet. 

He denied drinking and refused to perform any sobriety testing. He was cited for DUI-refusal, failure to maintain lane and no seatbelt.