Maude's Cabin

Maude's Cabin


Maude’s Cabin, a local well-known southern rock style group will be performing the acoustic version of their music this Sunday, July 25 at Hamlin Hills Farm on Hwy. 18 from 2-4 pm. Hamlin Hills has become a Forsyth destination for tourist passing through on I-75 with their antiques display featuring a yellow crop duster, 25 antique tractors, 30 rusty old pickup trucks and even a retired police car. Lee Hamlin likes to draw in business on the weekends by hiring local musicians to supply entertainment. 

Maude’s Cabin is a band that has a long history in Monroe County starting when Maude Ferguson had a house on Juliette Road back in 1976 with a little unused shack about a half a mile off the road that had power running to it. She was a widow by then and had no children but befriended a group of young rock and rollers and allowed them the use of the shack to practice as loud as they wanted. The boys repaid her kindness by helping with the yardwork and odd chores around her house. With a little fixing up, the shack soon became a cabin and with a little more work, the boy’s band became known far and wide as “Maude’s Cabin”. 

Co-founders of the group, Mark Johnson, guitar, Bobby (Bobwyre) Ivey, bass and Kim Brock, guitar, have been together since their days as classmates at Mary Persons High School and are still jamming these many decades later. Ivey’s son, Jonny Ivey, guitar, also schooled at Mary Persons, joined the band once he became old enough. The band’s roots run deep in Monroe County. Johnson said his family has been a part of Monroe County since the 1830s and his mother still lives in the house he grew up in. Ivey used to play football for Coach Dan Pitts who gave him the nickname “Bobwyre” because he said he’d rather go through barbed wire than to go through Bobby Ivey.  

Other members of Maude’s Cabin include FreeJay Jeffery Warren on drums and Doug (Two Dollar) Jones, the lead singer. Eddie Faggioli, their sound technician, adds professional polish to their live gigs and recordings. 

As with many businesses, the coronavirus has taken its toll on local entertainment and the band struggled with getting gigs. They spent the lockdown period writing and recording for an upcoming album featuring 10 original songs that should be released within the next year. They record at the Woodland Recording Studio located next to a picturesque little lake in Juliette.

Their music is reminiscent of 70s style Southern Rock, and they play plenty of Allman Brothers, Marshall Tucker, Lynyrd Skynyrd and the like with a healthy helping of original tunes. They will play at any venue, weddings included. 

You can catch other upcoming Maude’s Cabin shows at Bahama Bobs in Perry on Aug. 14 and Friends on the Hill in Warner Robins on Aug. 21. They will also be getting together at the Monroe County Moose Club on Sept. 11.

For booking information, call: 478-972-2657. You can also follow them on Facebook at: For information about the Woodland Recording Studio, look them up at: For more details about the Hamlin Hills farm, you can visit their website at