The Reporter has obtained security video of the Backwoods Bar showing owner Gary Lawrence spent about 90 minutes inside before he set it on fire, walked outside and drove away on Tuesday, Oct. 1. The video shows Lawrence, 72, at top, parking in front of the bar around 4:30 p.m. and going in the front door. Later, he moves his car to the back right side of the bar where it can’t be seen. Then around 6 p.m., smoke begins billowing out of the back side of the bar, and Lawrence is seen (smaller photo at right) getting into his car and leaving. About that time, a Ford Explorer enters the parking lot and sees Lawrence driving away. Seeing the smoke and Lawrence leaving, the Explorer quickly turned around to follow him and called authorities with Lawrence’s tag number, said Monroe County deputy Jeff Wilson. Lawrence sped to get away from the Explorer following him. He wound up going to his ex-wife’s home in Macon and shooting himself. (Video captures courtesy MCSO and High Falls Hideaway)