heather hartley

Heather Hartley

A Mercer law student found herself in legal trouble of her own last Thursday when she was charged with snorting Oxycodone while interning for an attorney in court at the Monroe County Justice Center.

Heather Faye Hartley, 23, of Macon, was working as a legal intern on Oct. 12 when she was arrested for allegedly snorting the drug in the justice center bathroom. 

According to the incident report, at about 9:44 a.m., Cpl. Kevin Williams of the Monroe County Sheriff's Office was notified by bailiff John Fields that a woman, later identified as Hartley, was snorting a substance off of her cell phone in the Justice Center bathroom. Fields told Williams that Hartley, who was wearing a blue shirt, had exited the bathroom and entered the Justice Center courtroom where she was interning for an attorney.

Assisted by officer Kimberly Barnett of the Forsyth Police Department, Williams then entered the courtroom and waited until juvenile court had recessed before confronting Hartley. Williams and Barnett then met with Hartley in the jury room and saw that Hartley's phone case appeared to have some residue on it. Hartley denied having anything illegal in her possession and allowed Barnett to search her purse. When Barnett began to look inside of it, Hartley then stopped the search.

When Williams then said he would bring a K-9 dog to sniff the purse, Hartley admitted to possessing some prescription pills. She then removed a plastic pill bottle from her purse with pieces of pills inside of it, which Hartley said were Oxycodone tablets. Williams then asked Hartley if she had a prescription for the pills, and she said they were prescribed to her after a recent procedure. Hartley then changed her story and said she had them because of an older ankle injury before later saying her grandparents had given her the pills.

Inv. Gregg Philips of the Monroe County Sheriff's Office and Lee Croxton of the Georgia Police Academy then confirmed the tablets were Oxycodone pills, and Williams arrested Hartley for possession of drugs.

Williams later spoke by phone with a female witness, identified as Valerie Mccollough, who said she walked into the bathroom and saw Hartley in a stall with her phone in front of her face. Mccollough said Hartley then snorted the substance on her phone into her nose at which point Mccollough exited and told Fields about what she had just seen.