Latrese Jackson

Latrese Jackson

A Lizella woman got an obstruction charge and a black eye after she fought with a Monroe County deputy during a traffic stop on I-75 North on Nov. 2.

Latrese Jackson, 37, was also charged with failure to maintain lane.

The run-in started about 12:10 a.m., according to the report, when Monroe County Dep. Wade Kendrick saw a black Mercedes Benz C300 failing to maintain its lane on I-75 North near mile marker 180. Dispatchers notified Kendrick the car’s female owner, identified as Jackson, was wanted out of Bibb County. When Kendrick stopped the car, Jackson, the lone occupant, refused to show Kendrick her license and instead said she needed to call her lawyer. Jackson then refused to exit the car, saying she needed to call her husband.

Kendrick ordered Jackson out of the car several times, but she continued to refuse. Kendrick than handcuffed Jackson’s left wrist, but she continued to push back. Kendrick then pulled out his Taser and threatened to Tase Jackson. When Jackson said she’d had a previous heart attack and begged Kendrick not to Tase her, he put up his Taser. He then grabbed Jackson’s wrist again and tried to pull her out, but she kicked him. Kendrick then pulled out his pepper spray and threatened to spray Jackson. When Jackson continued to resist, Kendrick sprayed her in the face.

Kendrick then tried pulling Jackson’s foot and was able to get her out of the car. As Kendrick tried to apply the other handcuff, Jackson faced him and shouted, “Get yo hands off me.” She then tried to punch Kendrick in the face with a closed fist. As Kendrick leaned back to dodge the punch, Jackson’s fist made contact with his throat. Kendrick then responded by hitting Jackson in the left eye with a closed right hand.

At that point, Kendrick was finally able to handcuff Jackson. Monroe County EMTs cleared Jackson of any injuries, and Dep. Judy Mercer then took her to the Monroe County Jail.