motorcycle wreck

A motorcyclist from Buford was arrested after leading Monroe County deputies on a chase from Forsyth to Russellville at speeds of 150 mph on Saturday. Three of his companion motorcycle drivers are still at large. Monroe County Cpl. Thomas Haskins was alerted that four motorcycles were speeding and weaving on I-75 south coming into the county. Haskins clocked them going 108 mph at the Lee Street exit around 3 p.m. They immediately got off the interstate when they saw him. The motorcycles split into different directions and Haskins followed two weaving around cars, running stop signs and barely missing a driver at Dairy Queen as they passed through town. Them Haskins followed a remaining motorcycle down Collier Road and onto Hwy. 42 now going 150 mph. After 10 miles,  he slammed on brakes and tried to turn left onto Treadwell Road. But he missed and his brakes locked as he spun into a yard. Haskins told him to put his hands up but he tried to drive away. But he couldn’t get traction and fell down. He continued to try to pick up his bike but Haskins pulled his weapon and told him to put his hands up. He tried to run backwards but finally stopped and went to his knees. Haskins had to push him to the ground and he was finally cuffed.  The suspect, Brendan Rawlins, 24, of Buford, said he ran because he was scared of the police. Haskins confiscated his Go Pro camera on his helmet that was still recording. Rawlins was cited for speeding (108 in a 70), passing in no passing zone, passing on a hill, failure to stop, failure to obey traffic control device (x3), motorcycle in same lane as another vehicle, reckless driving, failure to maintain lane, failure to exercise due care, driving in divided roadway, motorcycle operating between cars, passing with less than 200 feet between cars, passing within 100 feet of a railway intersection, driving without a motorcycle license, and improper tag display, fleeing and obstruction.