A Vining Street couple got into a dispute with a Marco’s Pizza delivery driver after the driver refused to bring the couple’s pizza to the door out of fear of their black cats.

According to a sheriff’s report, at about 8:03 p.m. on Nov. 14, Vining Street resident Morganne Parks told Monroe County Cpl. Christian Sawley that she ordered a pizza and salad from Marco’s Pizza. Parks said the Marco’s delivery driver, identified as Quentavious Armstrong, began to bring her order to her stairs when he suddenly began waving his arms while holding her pizza saying, “Oh (expletive) no. Not black cats,” before running back to his car. Parks said she then called her husband, Michael Parks, and Marco’s about the situation.

Michael Parks said when he arrived, Armstrong was still sitting in his car. Michael Parks said he told Armstrong to get out, do his job and carry the pizza to the front porch. After Michael Parks learned that Marco’s planned to send another driver, he told Armstrong he had five seconds to get off of his property. Michael Parks said as Armstrong left he nearly hit a trash can and yelled out, “I know where you live.”

Sawley then met with Armstrong who said he doesn’t like cats and had seen black cats everywhere around the Parks’ home. Armstrong said he got out of his car and carried the pizza to the stairs but retreated to his car when cats surrounded him. Armstrong said he told Morganne Parks she could come to his car and get her pizza but he was not going to get back out. Armstrong said Morganne Parks told him: “Do your job and bring the pizza to me.” Armstrong said Michael Parks then began yelling and cursing at him to bring the pizza to the porch. Armstrong said he told Michael Parks that he could just take the pizza while he walked by his car, but the Michael Parks again told him to get out and do his job. Armstrong said Michael Parks told him he had five seconds to get off of his property and said Michael Parks yelled out: “Don’t hit my trash can, boy!” Armstrong then denied telling Michael Parks that he knows where he lives.

Armstrong was not charged but was reprimanded by his employer.