Monroe County’s Most Romantic Man, Trey Piper, left, who was nominated by his wife, Brooke.

The Reporter has named Dennis Piper as Monroe County’s Most Romantic Man for 2020. 

Piper wins a bouquet of flowers courtesy of Flowers by Helen, 10 E. Main St., Forsyth, and a free oil change courtesy of Hill’s Auto Service, 30 E. Main St., Forsyth. 

Piper was nominated by his wife Brooke, who describes how Piper planned a romantic getaway to Atlanta, including a visit to an art museum. Here’s the winning nomination:

By Brooke Piper


y husband, Trey Piper, has to be the most romantic man in Monroe County, because he is one of the most romantic men in the world! I first met my husband in high school. Our romance started in weightlifting class when our coach insisted that everyone play dodgeball. This was one of my least favorite things to do. (Thanks, Coach B.) I turn around to see Trey rare back and throw the ball as hard as he could towards the guy in front of me. The guy ducks and I’m conveniently standing there when the ball smacks me in the face, almost knocking me down. First impressions can be the worst!

Fast forward a few months and we started dating. He kept me laughing at all times, and still does. He brought me breakfast to school in the mornings, walked me to and from my car, and barely let me carry a book if he could help it. On days he didn’t see me, he would come by my house and leave my favorite Starbucks drink on my car with my favorite flowers.

A few years later, in 2012, we got engaged! Trey reached out to a man who was creating a TV show videoing proposals and wanted us to be the first episode. He told me we were taking couples photos that day, but really he had the proposal planned. He invited our family and friends, who hid behind us until he popped the question for everyone to see. He even got the local fire department to come out with a fire truck for our pictures. My husband is a firefighter, so this was special. 

We got married on his birthday in 2012. On our first married Valentine’s Day, he told me to be ready to leave for a couple days after I got off work. He wouldn’t tell me where we were going, but he bought me a dress without me knowing and had it laid out for me for our surprise getaway. He spoiled me with a romantic weekend in Atlanta full of fancy dinners and events at the High Museum of Art. 

It was normal for me to come home from work on a random day to dinner cooked and a glass of my favorite wine. I was in college to be a hygienist when we got married. After taking my board exams, I waited two weeks to get the results in the mail. The day the results were supposed to arrive, he was on shift at the Fire Department. I planned on going home that evening and just staring at the envelope, too scared to open it alone. To my surprise, he took off from work (even parked his truck in the backyard so I wouldn’t know he was there). When I walked in the house, there my husband stood with a congratulatory cake, flowers, gifts, and my passing results in hand. He had more confidence in me than I did in myself. 

He has always made me a priority and made me feel loved. It’s the little things, too, sometimes. For example, he knows I love Coke Zero only if it’s really cold. During the day, he will sometimes put a can in the back of the fridge closest to the ice maker, giving it ice crystals that make it as cold as it can get before freezing. Again, it’s the little things! Over the years, he has sent flowers to my office, just because. He usually stops at Dunkin’ in the mornings when he gets off shift, and will bring me my favorite coffee, even if he was up all night running calls.

About 5 years ago, I had an emergency surgery that I almost didn’t live through. Recovery was rough. He waited on me hand and foot. At only 22, I couldn’t even go to the bathroom alone. He did everything for me that most couples wouldn’t have to do until well into their 80’s or 90’s. The man is a saint! Now that we have two daughters, I see the pattern continue and it melts my heart. 

He’s the best example of a chivalrous man, and it means the world to me that my daughters get to see how a good man treats his wife. I’m so thankful for my husband and his romantic gestures. And no ladies, you can’t have him! ;)