Forsyth police made an arrest on June 7 that they hope will help unravel an operation delivering contraband to prison inmates around Middle Georgia.

It all started when Forsyth officer Jeremy Malone tried to make a traffic stop at the corner of Lee and Johnston streets on the courthouse square the morning of June 7. The driver, later identified as Nicole Renee Mellon, 37, of St. Amant, La., sped down Lee Street and got away, said the report.

But Mellon eventually wrecked her car and had to abandon it after she struck a deer in Jasper County. She was finally captured by Jasper County deputies while walking out of the woods. That’s where Malone caught up with and got her story, which may help authorities unravel a contraband scheme.

Here’s what Mellon told police: she was trying to get back to Louisiana when a friend named “D Money” told her he could get her the $80 she needed to return home. Her told her first they had to meet some people in Athens and they wound up with four people in the car, including someone called “G Money”. The group discussed picking up some items and throwing them over a fence in Hancock County, indicating they could make $2,000 each for this task. They came to a blue house in Forsyth where a bald, heavy-set black woman gave them a bag of unknown items. But as they started out from Forsyth to Hancock County with the contraband, officer Malone tried to make his traffic stop.

Mellon said she started to pull over but then felt “G Money” press something hard to the back of her head and tell her she better not stop. Mellon said she was scared he may shoot her so she sped up. Mellon said during the chase they threw the black bag out of the vehicle and that later “G Money” got out of the vehicle too. Then Mellon struck a deer and said her vehicle would no longer go more than 60 mph. The other two suspects got out as well but Mellon said the officer wasn’t chasing them anymore. She finally abandoned the vehicle in Jasper County and fled into the woods. Jasper County deputies found and arrested Mellon and two of her passengers. Malone gave his information to Department of Corrections investigators hoping to make more arrests of suspects funneling contraband into jails and prison. He charged Mellon with fleeing, driving on the wrong side of the roadway and driving while license suspended.