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Owner of stolen Freightliner refuses to press charges against employee

A “BOLO” was issued for a white 2016 Freightliner that was reported stolen out of California around 8 a.m. on Nov. 14 and dispatch was able to track the vehicle passing Rumble Road on I-75 S. Deputy Dalton Mosely and Cpl. Jaleel Brown spotted the truck, pulled it over, and the 47-year-old driver was then forcibly removed from the vehicle and taken to jail. 

Mosely spoke with the complainant by phone who said he did not want to press charges, just wanted his truck back. He said the man worked for him and told him he needed to go to Tifton for his mother’s funeral. He said he told the man to leave the truck on Saturday and swap with another driver. He said he checked the truck’s GPS and noticed it was moving and called the sheriff’s office to report it stolen. He said the man had permission to drive the vehicle as he was an employee, however he did not want him driving it for his own personal use. 


Man shows officer Mexican ID card instead of driver’s license

A man driving a Ford F-150 west on Harold G. Clarke Parkway was stopped by officer Richard Maddox for not wearing a seat belt and went to jail on Nov. 15 around 7:47 a.m. The driver pulled over in the parking lot of Floyd’s Paint and Body Shop and told Maddox that he did not have a driver’s license and instead handed him a Mexican ID card. Maddox had him step from the vehicle and arrested him for driving without a license and took him to jail.


Man stopped for speeding arrested for a suspended license

A man pulling a trailer in a white F250 was doing 88 mph in the fast lane near Hwy. 18 on I-75 S when he was pulled over by officer Richard Maddox and went to jail for a suspended license Nov. 15 around 8:48 a.m. After Maddox learned his license was suspended, he placed him under arrest and took him to the Monroe County Jail.


Man arrested on outstanding felony warrants

Officer Richard Maddox clocked a Gray Toyota Corolla doing 87 mph near Cabaniss Rd on I-75 S on Nov. 15th around 10:00 a.m. and the driver wound up in jail for outstanding warrants.

After making the stop, Maddox ran the man’s information and learned he had multiple felony warrants out of Bibb County. Maddox had him step out of the vehicle, arrested him then took him to jail where he was also cited for speeding.


Police respond to boys fighting in hotel room

A woman staying at the Red Roof Inn on Holiday Circle called police to report her two boys were fighting in her room on Nov. 15. Cpl. Bruce Hughley, Jr. responded to the call where a boy told him that he was lying in bed when he felt something wet. He said that he got into it with his mother and threw her phone. He said that she then held him down and let this brother hit him. Hughley placed the juvenile into custody to calm him down and took him to the Forsyth Police Department where Inv. Tellas Daniels found placement for the boy with his grandmother and took him to her home.


Man who fled deputies later found walking down I-75

A 23-year-old Decatur man is in the Monroe County Jail after fleeing from deputies in a black 2000 BMW on I-75 N on Nov. 15 around 2:42 p.m. 

Sgt. Kemeyan Colvard, Inv. Timothy Campfield, and Inv. Jones saw the driver speeding, weaving in and out of traffic, and following too closely. When the BMW changed lanes abruptly in front of a tractor trailer, Colvard initiated a stop at the entrance ramp of Johnstonville Road. 

When Campfield and Jones approached the passenger side of the vehicle and knocked on the window, the driver immediately accelerated and began to flee. The investigators returned to the patrol vehicle and speeds during the pursuit reached over 130 mph as the driver continued to change lanes without a signal and driving in the emergency lane until he lost control after a 9-mile chase near Hwy. 36. 

Once the driver lost control of the vehicle and wrecked, he jumped out and began to flee on foot and deputies were unable to find him. 

At around 4:15 p.m. a call was received about a man wearing all black walking along the interstate and deputies were able to locate him and identify him as the subject. He was charged with fleeing, following too closely, speeding, driving in the emergency lane, failure to signal and driving without a license. 


Cadillac catches fire after leaving Burger King

A Forsyth man called for assistance after his 2006 Cadillac DTS caught on fire after leaving Burger King around 3 p.m. on Nov. 16. He told Cpl. Dalton Mosely he was heading home when he began smelling smoke. He said as he pulled into his driveway, he could see flames from under his back seat. He said he grabbed a towel and was able to put out the fire. A fuse under the seat had caught fire but he was able to get the fire out in time before it could damage the seat. The fuse box was melted. Mosely took pictures of the damage and attached them to his report. 


Uninsured driver 

goes to jail

A green Chevrolet Monte Carlo was traveling north on I-75 when officer Richard Maddox ran the tags and learned the car’s registration was expired. After Maddox activated his emergency lights the car stopped on the right shoulder near North Lee Street. The driver handed Maddox his driver’s license but when asked for his insurance information, he said he had been out of work for a while and had not been able to pay his insurance premium. Maddox had him step out of the vehicle, handcuffed and arrested him. He was then taken to jail.


Intoxicated Fla. man drives Tesla into ditch

Deputy Corbin Becelia called EMS after he found a silver 2008 Tesla in a ditch off the railroad tracks at Gose Road and New Providence Road with the driver inside with a bloody head around 10 p.m. on Nov. 16. Becelia could smell alcohol as he approached the car and noticed the driver had bloodshot eyes, slurred speech, and had a delay in responding to his questions. 

The Florida driver said he did not want medical attention and was told to step out of the vehicle and to get off the railroad tracks. While doing so he had a hard time standing up straight and at one point lost his balance and fell on the ground. When asked if he was okay, he replied “Yes, I only had a few to drink”. 

Once EMS arrived the man still refused medical treatment and due to the nature of his head injury and him previously falling, Becelia did not find it safe to conduct field sobriety testing. The driver was arrested and agreed to give a blood sample. After the sample was given at the Monroe County Hospital, he was handcuffed and taken to jail. He was charged with DUI and failure to maintain lane


Tarp flies off load and damages tractor trailer 

Cpl. Dalton Mosely responded to a property damage call at the rest area around 7:15 a.m. on Nov. 17 and helped a Jackson driver remove a tarp that had blown off his tractor trailer and had become embedded into the trailer of a 2021 Peterbilt. The man told Mosely he was traveling south when he heard a loud noise and looked back at his trailer and noticed that the heavy tarp covering the trailer he was pulling had come off and struck another tractor trailer that was parked. He said he slowed his truck, pulled over on the shoulder and walked to the tractor trailer and explained to the driver what had happened. 

The other driver told the corporal he had been on his break from driving when he heard knocking on his truck door. He said he didn’t see anything happen. Mosely could see where the tarp had struck the side of the truck and dented the door. The metal pole the tarp was attached to had impaled through the left rear door to the trailer and the tarp was stuck to the trailer and had to be cut off.


Two men arrested after drugs found in Accord

Two men were arrested on drug charges after Cpl. Dalton Mosely ran the tag on a gold Honda Accord on I-75 S near Rumble Road around 10 a.m. on Nov. 17 and learned the driver was wanted. As he was pulling over the car, Mosely could see both occupants moving around before it came to a stop on the right shoulder. Dispatch said the driver was wanted for a probation violation out of Spalding County and advised Mosely to use caution. 

As the driver began reaching into his wallet for his license and insurance information, the passenger began moving his foot around and next to his boot, Mosely could see a needle with a bright orange cap. The corporal had the driver step out of the car and handcuffed him due to the outstanding warrant. He asked the passenger if he had a license and could drive the vehicle if Spalding County wanted to place a hold on the other man, but he stated he didn’t have a license. Mosely then had him step out, checked him for weapons and asked him about the needle and if there were any drugs or weapons inside the vehicle. He looked past the corporal and then to the car and answered no. 

Deputy Jonathan Joyner put the driver in the rear of his patrol vehicle and stood with the passenger while Mosely checked the needle on the passenger floor. He also found two small bags of an unknown white rocky substance wrapped inside a brown napkin hidden inside a black glove. He asked the passenger what was in the bags and the man responded that it wasn’t his. Mosely asked him if it was meth and again, he answered that it wasn’t his. The driver also told Mosely the bags didn’t belong to him and both men were handcuffed and taken to the Monroe County Jail with warrants for methamphetamine possession and possession and use of drug-related objects. 


Three men arrested

for stolen pistol

A Covington man and his two passengers were arrested on various charges including receiving stolen property after the 2016 Mercedes Benz they were in was clocked at 100 mph by Sgt. Chris Sherrell and deputy Hannah Hile near Hwy. 18 on I-75 N on Nov. 17 around 11:52 p.m. After the stop, Sherrell ran the driver’s info through dispatch and learned he was driving on a suspended license. 

Hile approached the left side of the car and asked the driver to step out and turn around to be handcuffed. He was then placed in the back of deputy Tyler Rodgers’ patrol vehicle. 

Rodgers asked the front passenger to exit the vehicle and if he had any weapons on him, to which he stated he did not. Rodgers asked him what was in his hoodie pocket, and he answered, “just a bag of weed” and pulled a bag of marijuana from his pocket. Rodgers then asked the rear passenger to also exit the car. 

A Smith and Wesson SD9 handgun was found in the glove box with a loaded magazine containing 6 hollow point rounds and 2 FMJ rounds. Dispatch said the firearm was reported as stolen out of Douglasville. 

Rodgers asked the passengers who the pistol belonged to, and one was talking on his phone and did not answer but the other said it was his aunt’s gun. He then said it was his cousin’s gun. When asked where his cousin was, he didn’t answer. He also said the car was a rental car. 

Both men were handcuffed, secured in the backseat of the patrol vehicles and all three suspects were taken to the Monroe County Jail. The driver was cited for speeding, driving without a license and a warrant will be sought against him for receiving stolen property. The front seat passenger was cited for seatbelt violation and marijuana possession and a warrant will be sought for receiving stolen property. The backseat passenger will also be issued a warrant for receiving stolen property.