Quinton Calloway, Monroe County’s Father of the Year, shown with his wife LaToya and their children Malayah and TJ. (Photo/Will Davis)

When doctors told Quinton Calloway of Forsyth that he and his wife LaToya may never be able to have kids of their own, that didn’t stop him from coaching T-ball and being a father figure to kids around Monroe County. So when he found out in January 2011 that he was going to be a daddy after all, he cried tears of joy. Eight years later, the Calloways have two children now and Mrs. Calloway’s nomination for her husband as Father of the Year won him that honor. He’s a dad not only to his two children, but to many more in Forsyth. “I always hear him say that it is his goal to make sure every child knows that they can succeed in whatever they decide to do,” wrote Mrs. Calloway. Calloway will receive dad-sized gift certificates to Minori’s Italian Ristorante on the Forsyth Square, El Tejado Mexican Restaurant and Walmart. Here’s the winning nomination...


he man I have chosen to nominate for Monroe County’s Father of the Year is none other than my wonderful husband, Quinton Calloway (Also known as Coach Q to our community children). Words cannot begin to describe the love and pride he has for not only our children, but our “community children” as well. 

I love seeing the joy in my children’s eyes when they hear the turn of the key in the door, as they wait to see their hero standing on the other side. With loud screams and open arms, they yell, “Daddy! Daddy!” as he scoops them up and gives them the biggest hugs and kisses he can muster up. 

You see, their hero doesn’t wear a cape, (although sometimes I think he should), but works tirelessly to make sure he can make all their dreams come true. 

My husband and I were friends many years before we even starting dating, so I’ve always known he had a heart for children. But I think his heart grew even bigger in January of 2011. It was the year we found out that we were going to be parents. The tears that filled his eyes that day will forever be etched in my memory. 

We always wanted children of our own, but we knew that it was all in God’s timing. Even when doctors told us that it might not happen, with tears in our eyes, we prayed, waited, and trusted God.

During our wait, we found ways to be a blessing to other children in our family and community. 

Now, 8 years later, we have been blessed with two beautiful children, Malayah and Tahjai Calloway, and our community kids list has only gotten longer. From coaching T-ball, to volunteering at school, to running up and down the field during field day, to dancing in my daughter’s recital, every moment he spends with children he tries to make memorable. So it’s not unusual to see him attend an event for children and completely take over. (Always asking first, of course)

Often times I don’t even think he realizes just how special he is.

I always hear him say that it is his goal to make sure every child knows that they can succeed in whatever they decide to do. And that’s exactly what he does. I stand in awe of his courage to make a difference in his community and to teach our children what it means to have a supportive father. One that is truly their number one fan. So, Happy Father’s Day Quinton Calloway, we love you more that we could ever put into words, thank you for all that you do and all the sacrifices you make. They never go unnoticed. 

Love Always,

LaToya, Malayah and TJ