A 38-year-old Forsyth woman said she must’ve gotten hold of some bad weed after Monroe County deputies arrested her for an angry, expletive-filled rant on someone else’s roof on Oct. 24.

Nicholas Jacobson of Vining Street called 911 around 1:11 a.m. on Oct. 24 to report a woman on a neighbor’s roof who wouldn’t come down. Monroe County Sgt. Kevin Williams asked the woman, identified as Jennifer Leigh Costlow, to get off the roof, but she replied, “F--- you.”

The homeowner, Peggy Ussery, came to the door and Williams told her that there was a woman on her roof. Ussery said she would call Costlow’s sister. But when Costlow’s sister arrived, Costlow still wouldn’t come down. Costlow also cursed at deputies and threw a flashlight off of the roof, hitting Williams’ foot. Costlow then said she was going to “burn this (expletive) house to the ground.” Costlow then began running from the front of the roof to the back, getting very close to the edge and nearly falling twice.

The Forsyth Fire Department brought a ladder truck to the scene, and Williams climbed the ladder onto the roof at which point Costlow yelled nonsensical things at him and refused to follow his commands. Monroe County deputy Wade Kendrick then climbed onto the roof as well, and the deputies grabbed Costlow, forcefully putting her hands behind her back and handcuffing her. Deputies then carried Costlow across the roof and down the ladder, where EMTs gave her a sedative and took her to the hospital. An EMT told Williams that Costlow admitted to buying weed and said it must have been some “bad s---.”

Costlow was charged with reckless conduct, simple battery and obstruction.