waffle house

Forsyth police had to be called to the Lee Street Waffle House on May 24 after an irate customer refused to leave because the restaurant would not take his pork chop order over the phone.

Waffle House employee William Sealey called police after Morickus Holder, 36, was yelling at employees about the fact that they wouldn’t take his pork chop order over the phone.

Sealey told Forsyth officer Teldric Middlebrooks that Holder had tried to call in an order but was informed they couldn’t take pork chop orders over the phone. Holder responded that he was coming to the restaurant, which he did, and began yelling at employees wanting to know who he had been talking to.

Sealey said it was he who answered the phone.

Holder said he wanted his order cooked now, and said that he had never heard of not taking a pork chop order over the phone. Sealey said he asked Holder to leave the restaurant because of his behavior, but Holder refused. Sealey said it wasn’t the first time they had had trouble with Holder.

Holder told Middlebrooks that he always called in his orders and had never had trouble before and said he didn’t do anything wrong. Middlebrooks said he could smell alcohol on Holder and that his eyes were red and glassy.

Middlebrooks told Holder to go to the Tift College Drive Waffle House to get his pork chop. But Holder kept asking why he couldn’t get his pork chop at that Waffle House. No citations were issued.