A Monroe County inmate awaiting trial for killing a Bibb County jailer in April is now accused of biting a Monroe County jailer and attacking several of them with a folding chair on Friday, Sept. 29.

According to a sheriff’s report, Monroe County Jail inmate Xavierious Marquess Flowers, 31, of College Park, who was already on suicide watch, begged jailers to move him away from his cell mate Albert Dewitt Booze, 22, of Macon. Booze is awaiting trial for stabbing and killing Bibb County jailer Christopher Smith, 30, in April. 

Flowers told Sgt. Akedra Robertson, “I want to be moved out of this holding cell because I don’t feel safe and can’t sleep in here with him. He in here doing all this crazy a-- sh--.” 

Robertson told Flowers he would see what he could do. Booze then stated, “Aye, sergeant get me out of here before I beat this man a-- to death”.

Jail nurse Prescott told Robertson the inmates weren’t in the observation cell for medical reasons and were clear to leave. The sergeant returned to the cell and Flowers was standing at the door while Booze was sitting on the bench and said, “Sergeant, I am going to beat this man a-- to death if you don’t get me out of here.” He then stood up into a fighting stance with his fist clenched, walked up to Flowers, and began striking him several times. Flowers began hitting him back in self-defense. 

Deputy Cody Maples opened the cell door and removed Flowers and ordered Booze to get back, but he continued attacking Flowers. After the inmates were finally separated, Robertson tried to close the door, but Booze pushed his arm back and ran into the booking area. He then grabbed a metal chair and threw it at Robertson, Prescott, and Flowers. 

Deputy Gueorgui Dimitrov and Robertson grabbed Booze to escort him back into the cell while he was continuously resisting and fighting. Booze then headbutted Robertson, striking him on the right side of his face. He also bit Dimitrov on his right arm and kicked him. Deputy Julie Lucas pulled her taser and Booze grabbed the front of it trying to take it away from her but Robertson and Dimitrov struck Booze in the side, causing him to release it. Lucas fired but Booze continued resisting. 

The deputies were finally able to handcuff him, and he was taken to the nurse’s station where he was checked by Prescott and EMS. Sgt. Chris Sherrell removed the taser prongs and placed them into evidence. Robertson sought warrants for 3 counts of obstruction, simple battery, and aggravated assault against a peace officer. Robertson and Dimitrov received minor injuries. 

“He decided to show his behind with us,” said Monroe County sheriff Brad Freeman. Freeman said Booze had not given them any trouble up until now. Freeman said they’ve had Booze in custody for a couple of months after he was transferred from Jones County. Freeman said he probably causes trouble hoping to get moved.

‘We just want him to understand that we run the jail,” said Freeman, noting that Booze is now on restriction. “It didn’t work out for him.”

Booze had been in the Bibb County Jail since November 2020 for property damage, giving false information, and trespassing when a fight broke out between him and deputies who were moving him between cells. Bibb County Sheriff David Davis said Booze took a knife from deputy Knight and stabbed him in the neck, taking his life, and injured deputy Jerome Williams. Booze was taken to Jones County and then brought to Monroe County after the incident for his own safety.