A Woods Road woman is being hailed after corralling a 3 year-old neighbor boy who wandered into the road naked after allegedly being left home alone. 

According to the sheriff’s report, Kimberly Cox of Woods Road told Cpl. Jacob Justice she and her husband were coming home when they came across the boy standing naked at the edge of his driveway on Woods Road. Cox took the boy and went to his home, trying to contact his parents. She said the garage door was wide open and she walked inside just enough to yell for someone. After several minutes, nobody answered or came to the door, so she took the boy to her home. 

Justice went to the Woods Road, learned nobody was there, and the Monroe County C.A.R.E Cottage was notified. Soon after, the boy’s the grandmother, Susan V. Wood, arrived and told Justice she was under the impression the boy was at a friend’s house playing. Justice asked where the mother of the boy was, and the grandmother said she was possibly at work.

The boy’s father, Stephen Beall, arrived and said he was there to pick up his son. He said he was supposed to meet his ex-wife, Erin Victoria Beall, a biology instructor at the Oconee Fall Line Technical College, on Ga. Hwy. 36 to get his son but she never showed up. He said as he was traveling to Woods Road, he came across Erin’s vehicle, wrecked on I-475 north near mile marker 10. He said he stopped but could not find his ex-wife, however, he did take her cell phone from the vehicle and gave it to Justice.

Cpl. Tyler Rodgers then informed Justice the boy’s mother was found inside the home and she told Justice she was looking for her wallet, because she knew she needed her driver’s license, as well as her keys and cell phone. Justice pulled her cell phone out of his pocket and asked if was that her phone, and she looked shocked. 

Beall told Justice she was traveling south, on I-475, going to see her mother and her vehicle ran out of gas and her mother came for her and her children. After being told her car was found wrecked and that her son couldn’t have been with her, she began saying how sorry she was, and did not need to go to jail and lose her job. She was arrested and charged with second degree cruelty to children.

Beall attorney Keith Fitzgerald told the Reporter that they’re not certain the police report contains the full story. He said they’ll investigate, figure out the full story and vigorously defend Beall in court.