An Indiana woman is accused of taking off her clothes, putting on a deputy’s jacket and urinating in the back of a Monroe County patrol car after she was arrested for breaking into a Westbrooks Road home on Aug. 26.

According to a sheriff’s report, at about 12:30 a.m. on Aug. 26, Justin Hewett of Westbrooks Road told Monroe County Dep. Jacob Davis that there was a woman on his property without his permission. The woman was later identified as Kayla Renee Hunter, 31, of Goshen, Ind. 

Davis found Hunter sitting on Hewett’s lawnmower beside his home. Hunter told Davis she was waiting for her boyfriend, Dustin Harrell, but Hewett said Hunter had tried to enter his home as well as his shed, camper and several vehicles. Hewett said he told Hunter to leave his property, but she had refused.

Davis then handcuffed Hunter and put her in his patrol car. While Davis was still talking to Hewett, he heard Hunter hitting the side of his patrol car and screaming. Hewett told Davis he was inside his home about 10 minutes earlier and heard Hunter hit his window with the grate of his grill. Hewett said he grabbed his pellet gun and went out to confront Hunter, who told him she was waiting for her boyfriend. Hunter refused to leave and threatened to throw the grill grate at Hewett.

Hewett’s wife, Martha, then showed Davis surveillance video of Hunter trying to to enter their home, shed, camper and vehicles. The video also showed Hunter taking a small grill from the back porch and carrying pieces of it around.

When Davis returned to his patrol car, he found Hunter had removed one of her handcuffs, bent the cage that separates the front seat from the rear seat of his patrol car and was wearing his deputy patrol jacket. He then discovered Hunter had taken off her clothes and had urinated in the back of his patrol car. Davis then re-handcuffed Hunter and took her to the Monroe County Jail.

Hunter was charged with criminal trespass, damage to government property, obstruction, criminal attempt to commit burglary and disorderly conduct.