A Forsyth native and budding artist has had her first single “Solitary Space” played in 68 countries worldwide. Melody Lynn’s newest song, “Breathing New Life”, has been played in over 50 countries. Melody is an inspirational singer/songwriter from Monroe County. She performs pop and R&B with elements of praise and worship.

Melody has been singing for as long as she can remember. When she was little, she would sing at church while her father played the guitar. Music has always excited her, and it’s always been a big part of her life. It wasn’t until five years ago that she decided to perform professionally. “I was talking to my friend and I just remember telling her, ‘I want to do this,’” Melody said. She began recording her music last year and has released two singles, “Solitary Space” and “Breathing New Life”. She also has an unreleased song written, as well as many others that she hasn’t recorded. 

Melody never went to school to pursue music. She never took any type of vocal training classes, either. Melody just jumped into the professional music scene and is growing in popularity. A Christian radio station that broadcasts in Belfast, Ireland contacted Melody through Instagram asking for permission to play “Solitary Space”.

With the rapid growth of her musical career, Melody has a strong group of supporters standing beside her. Her parents encourage her music all the time. She also has her grandparents, who she said like to joke about being her agents. Erica Bostick, the woman who helped her co-write “Solitary Space” is also standing beside Melody. She is a humble woman who answers any questions Melody may have, and she has been a big help in the launching of Melody’s music career. Her producer Aaron Hunt is also a very big help to Melody. She went to Kentucky recently to record with him and he was very patient and helped her through the process. Her biggest role model is her sister, Julie. She is always there for Melody and is one of her biggest inspirations. 

Melody lived in Monroe County until she was 10 years old. Her grandparents Sybil and Jerry Nettleship still live here, and she comes to visit them often. “Monroe County has a special place in my heart,” she said. “That’s my childhood.”

Her career is only just beginning, and she is thankful for what she has been accomplishing. Melody says making music is something she knows the Lord has promised her, and she is grateful to have been given the opportunity to share His message through her music.

Melody was recently selected for The JoyFM’s Local Artist Spotlight contest. Voting for the contest opened on July 8. If Melody is voted into the top four, she will win an on-air interview and have her song played on the radio. If she wins the most votes by the end of the contest, she will get a fully produced recording session for free. Voting ends on July 14 at midnight and must be done online through The JoyFM website:

Melody’s music can be found on Spotify, Google Music, iTunes, Apple Music, Amazon, and YouTube. To follow Melody and her music career as it grows, she can be found on Instagram, @_melodylynn, and on Facebook.