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A police officer helped Forsyth Taco Bell employees kill and remove what the officer says was a 1-foot rattlesnake found underneath the drive-thru register.

Taco Bell employees called police after spotting a snake inside the store on North Lee Street around 2:30 p.m. on Tuesday, Sept. 28. According to the report, officer Jeremy Malone checked the restaurant and found a one-foot-long rattlesnake coiled beneath the drive-thru register. He pulled it out with his expandable metal baton and stomped it until it was dead. He then picked it up with a napkin and threw it in the outside trashcan. 

A spokeswoman for the Georgia Texas Management Co. that owns the local Taco Bell said she looked at the store video and doesn’t think it’s a rattlesnake. But Malone’s report says otherwise.