Kaleo D. Pangelinan

Kaleo D. Pangelinan  is arrested by Oregon authorities last Thursday. Sheriff Brad Freeman said cell phone records show he helped Candice Walton plan to murder her mother and brother. (Courtesy MCSO)

 An Oregon teenager joined his Forsyth girlfriend on Thursday, May 14 in being charged with the February murder of her mother and brother.

Sheriff Brad Freeman said investigators obtained information from the phone of 17-year-old Kaleo D. Pangelinan that he was deeply involved with his girlfriend Candice Walton, 17, of Forsyth in planning the murder of her mother, 46-year-old Tasha Vandiver, and brother, 21-year-old Gerald Walton. Vandiver and Walton died in a fire after Walton allegedly burned down the family rental home at 2340 Old Zebulon Road in the early morning hours of Feb. 27.

Authorities say she had stolen $2,300 from her mom’s tax refund, and her mom’s 2007 Chevy Malibu, and headed toward Oregon to be with Pangelinan after setting the fire.

Firefighters found the bodies after being dispatched to the blaze around 3:30 a.m. Coroner Joey Proctor said both died of smoke inhalation. Candice Walton apparently then drove her mother’s car toward Oregon where Pangelinan had moved from Forsyth. She got only as far as western Kentucky before McCracken County deputies took her into custody where she remains in jail. They found $2,300 in cash on her, which district attorney Jonathan Adams said is a key piece of the story and was likely stolen from the mother’s tax refund check. 

Candice’s only surviving brother, Eric Walton, told the Reporter in February that he thinks the boyfriend should be charged too.

“As far as I’m concerned, he put her up to the whole thing,” said Eric Walton. “She would never have wanted to do this to her mother and brother. I guess she loved her boyfriend more than them.” 

Pangelinan moved to Monroe County from Oregon last summer and then returned to Oregon late in 2019. School officials said he spent about four months at Mary Persons as a junior. Candice Walton was a freshman. They started dating in October, said Eric Walton. Eric Walton said his mother never cared for Pangelinan and was working to put a restraining order on him. Eric Walton said that Pangelinan Instagram account, under the name “datboidown”, has as his bio, “Satan’s left hand man”.

Adams said the messages obtained from the phone shows the two teens discussed different types means and methods of killing her mother and brother.

“These two individuals are truly examples of the evil that exists in this world,” said Adams.

The murders came seven months after another teenager, 15-year-old Dante Krieger, was accused of raping and killing his aunt in Monroe County. Adams said while Monroe County enjoys relatively low crime, the two incidents are concerning.

Freeman said he’ll be sending deputies to Oregon to bring Pangelinan back to Forsyth to face murder charges as an adult.