Monroe County teachers will receive, on average, a $1,600 supplement to their base salary Jan. 15 as the school system pays out what’s become a regular January lump payment for four years running.

The school system has paid out the supplement each January when teachers have the longest time between monthly paychecks. The schools pay teachers the last workday before Christmas, and the next paycheck doesn’t come until Jan. 31.

Gov. Nathan Deal gave teachers a 3 percent increase four years ago, but didn’t add it to teachers’ base salary. Deal encouraged school districts to parcel out the money over the year as a raise, but Monroe County has instead paid it in a one-time lump sum the past four years for fear the funds may not be available the following year, which would then require a pay cut.

The bump costs taxpayers about $580,000 and will mostly be funded by state funds, according to assistant superintendent Jackson Daniel.

The average Monroe County teacher’s salary is about $58,035, according to the state Department of Education. The average payment will be about $1,651.