A Macon teenager shot himself in the foot with a double barrel shotgun at the Meadows Gun Club during target practice around 4:30 p.m. on Thursday, Nov. 12. According to the sheriff’s report, Thomas Riley Lester told deputy Peyton Henderson that he shot himself in the foot as he was being placed in an ambulance and taken to Navicent Medical Center. 

Henderson spoke with Clint Ward, coach of the First Presbyterian Day School Clay Target Shooting Team, who said Lester has played with his shotgun on occasion. Ward said Lester has been caught yanking his shotgun (over/under double barrel) up to close the barrel and then place the end of the barrel on his foot and play with the trigger. 

Ward said Lester has been told multiple times to stop. He said Lester did not notice a shell in the chamber of the shotgun and after he put the barrel on his foot, he played with the trigger and the gun went off.  

Club staff called Lester’s parents and told them where he was being taken.