forsyth police badge

Three neighbors at the Village Oaks from apartments C5 and C6 were cited for disorderly conduct on June 16 by Cpl. Anais Benjamin after a woman parked her car in the wrong spot. What happened according to the incident report was Benjamin spoke with Aeril Avery who said her next-door neighbors had damaged the windows to her apartment and to her 2016 Honda. 

She told Benjamin her neighbors, Stacy Lyons, Mytrica Lyons, and Shanteria Jones came to her residence and started banging on the door. Avery said that Stacy Lyons came to her door first and asked if she could move her vehicle and she told her that she would move her vehicle in a minute and then shut her door. Avery said that Stacy came back and knocked on the door and was yelling for her to move her vehicle. Avery then said she again shut her door in Stacy’s face. 

Avery stated that Stacy’s daughters Mytrica and Shanteria then knocked on her door and demanded she come outside while jumping on her vehicle and broke the front windows to her apartment. She said that she then opened her door and pepper sprayed them. 

Stacy told Benjamin she asked Avery to move her vehicle to her proper parking spot and Avery told her that she would in a minute and shut the door in her face. Stacy then stated that she went back and asked again for her to move her vehicle and again Avery stated in a minute and shut the door in her face again. Stacy also said that each time Avery came to the door she had a knife and the third time she tried to spray them with pepper spray. Stacy said she called 911 because she had the knife. 

Jones told Benjamin Avery wouldn’t move her vehicle when asked to and the third time they asked, she brandished a knife and tried to pepper spray them. Jones also stated that Avery told her she would kill them. 

Avery, Mytrica Lyons, and Jones were all cited for disorderly conduct and told to report to court. Avery then moved her Honda to the proper parking spot.