An Illinois truck driver was charged with DUI after telling Monroe County deputies that he couldn’t maintain his lane because people were arguing on the roof of his cab.

Monroe County dispatch put out a BOLO the morning of Feb. 7 after the truck’s owner reported that his driver was possibly high on drugs and made threats to harm someone. According to the sheriff’s report, the owner said the driver, Mark Alan Beck, 55, of Beecher City, Ill. was 200 miles off his route, and he had been talking erratically all morning.

Deputy Matthew Mimbs spotted the semi approaching on I-75N near Rumble Road, failing to maintain its lane and stopped the semi just north of the exit. Mimbs saw Beck was sweating excessively and twitching as he approached. Beck told him he knew why he was stopped and explained he was distracted by people on top of his truck. 

Mimbs asked him to explain and Beck pointed to the roof of his cab and said there were people arguing up there. Mimbs then had him exit his vehicle and he asked the deputy to check the top of his truck to make sure they weren’t arguing. 

Mimbs took Beck to the front of his patrol vehicle and Beck consented to a sobriety test. After failing that test, he refused a blood test because of the people on his truck. Deputies found an orange pill container with marijuana in the cup holder. Beck was charged with failure to maintain lane, DUI, and marijuana possession. There were no other occupants located inside, or on top of the vehicle.