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Downtown Forsyth was turned upside down on Thursday morning, Sept. 10 by an angry bovine that didn’t want to leave Monroe County in the back of a cattle trailer. David Wilson of Rockmart came to town to buy three cows from Tyler Dungan on Maynards Mill Road. He was almost to the interstate around 9 a.m. and stopped at the red light at the corner of Main and Lee streets when other drivers started beeping their horns at him. Wilson said he didn’t know what the problem was until he got out and saw one of his cows had busted open the door and gotten out of the trailer. The cow walked up and down Main Street visiting local businesses before heading down Lee Street beside United Bank (above) while city officers and firefighters, sheriff’s deputies, state troopers and few cowboys called to the scene gave chase. Liam Tewksbury of Rocking Chair Ranch and Ryan Holloway set up a small pen behind the bank and after about 45 minutes finally hemmed the cow in the woods nearby and flushed him into the pen. From there, they flushed the cow back into the trailer which bystanders helped secure doubly well. Then Wilson headed with great speed toward his buyer in Polk County in northwest Georgia.