Great, the election is over. No more political TV commercials, radio spots, text messages or mailers.  Things can get back to normal. Correct? Before we discuss what’s normal, let’s look at what happened last week.

 In Georgia, statewide every Republican won their election over their Democrat opponent – Governor Brian Kemp had 2,109,255 votes (53.44% of the vote) to Abrams 1,809,723 votes (45.85%); Burt Jones (Lt. Gov) 51.42%; Brad Raffensberger (Sec. of State) 53.25%; Chris Carr (Attorney General) 51.89%; Tyler Harper (Agriculture Commissioner) 53.00%; John King (Insurance Commissioner) 54.12%; Bruce Thompson (Labor Commissioner) 52.11%; and Richard Woods (School Superintendent) received 54.22%. The only statewide Republican NOT to win was Herschel Walker who received 48.52% to Warnocks’s 49.42%, meaning Georgia will have yet another senate runoff election on December 6th.