A Macon man got a DUI after his wife called 911 to report her husband was drunk, had been at Wagers bar and had gotten his truck stuck on the railroad tracks in Bolingbroke in the early morning hours of May 30.

Christopher Jason Yates, 43, of Macon, was charged with DUI after Monroe County deputies found him stuck on the tracks at Klopfer Road around 6 a.m. on May 30. 

Here’s what happened according to the report: after the man’s wife called 911, Cpl. Thomas Haskins found Yates’ gold 2003 Dodge Ram partially driven up onto the railroad tracks while he was spinning wheels, trying to get unstuck. Haskins asked Yates what happened, and he replied, “Nothing” and repeated several times, “my wife is coming to get me.” While he was speaking, his speech was heavily slurred, and his eyes were red and glossy. Yates was also vaping while speaking to the corporal. 

Haskins asked him to exit the pickup, but Yates answered, “I prefer not to”. He continued to repeat himself several times and refused to exit the vehicle. Haskins told him that he was being given a lawful order to exit the vehicle, to which he finally complied. When Haskins said he wanted to do a sobriety test, Yates refused numerous times, asking, “why would I give it to you?” When Haskins asked him how he managed to drive onto the railroad tracks he said, “it happened”.

The corporal told Yates that his wife called the Sheriff’s Office and told them that he was intoxicated, and that his vehicle had been disabled due to being stuck on the train tracks. Yates replied that he did not believe that his wife had made the call. 

Haskins again asked him if he was refusing to perform field sobriety testing, to which he stated, “Yes, I’m refusing all tests”. Mrs. Yates arrived at the scene and was very irate, saying he had been at Wagers (a local bar he manages) and was heavily intoxicated. He was handcuffed and taken to jail where he was cited for failure to maintain lane and DUI.