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Intoxicated woman ‘couldn’t hold it’ before being taken to jail

An intoxicated Albany woman driving a 2010 Jeep Patriot on I-75 S was the subject of a BOLO and went to jail after she was stopped by Cpl. Thomas Haskins around 3:38 p.m. on May 25. Haskins saw the Jeep near Johnstonville Road failing to maintain its lane by driving onto the emergency lane then back onto road and stopped the woman on the left shoulder. 

He could smell alcohol as he spoke with the woman whose eyes were red and glossy and her speech was slurred. The corporal also noticed an open “sex on the beach” alcoholic beverage, which was sitting in the cup holder. He told the woman to hand him the drink and he poured the remainder of the alcohol onto the ground.

He asked her how many alcoholic beverages she had consumed, to which she replied she only had one. She then asked Haskins, “You’re going to take me to jail, aren’t you?” and Haskins told her he wanted her to perform a sobriety test to which she consented. 

During the test, the woman failed to count out loud, stepped off the line, did not touch heel to toe on any steps, used her arms for balance, walked 12 steps down and ran into her vehicle. Haskins had to tell her to turn around and come back. She then turned incorrectly and walked 12 steps back. She was also unable to keep her foot raised for longer than a few seconds. 

Haskins again asked her how many alcoholic beverages she consumed, and she said she had two “sex on the beach’s”, then said she only had one. While Haskins was handcuffing her and arresting her for DUI, she then told him she was “peeing on herself” and that she couldn’t hold it. She then urinated on herself and onto the ground after which she was taken to the Monroe County Jail. 


Macon woman violates restraining order to see daughter taken to jail

Warrants were taken out on a Macon woman for stalking after deputy John Cochran was sent to a Hadden Hall home on a welfare check around 4 p.m. on May 26. Cochran spoke with the woman who said she had just left a funeral and was trying to get in contact with her ex-husband to check on her daughter. She told the deputy she had a temporary protective order (TPO) against her and that she wasn’t supposed to be on the property but all she wanted to do was talk to her daughter and make sure she was ok. 

Cochran told her that her ex-husband did not want her to have any contact with him or his daughter and arrested her for violating her TPO and bond conditions. She was taken to jail where Cochran took out warrants on her for aggravated stalking. 


Unlicensed Ohio man arrested and jailed

An Ohio man speeding in a rental 2020 Ram 1500 pickup truck on I-75 S was taken to jail after he was stopped by officer Marc Merriman around 3:11 a.m. on May 28 for doing 88 mph.  After running the man’s license, Merriman discovered he was driving under a suspended license. He was arrested and cited for speeding and driving without a license. The vehicle was released to a female passenger.  


Drunk Atlanta man driving BMW arrested

Three vehicles were following a black 2018 BMW 535D with their flashers flashing helping deputy Larry Sullivan identify the subject of a BOLO issued for a possible drunk driver on I-75 S near Hwy. 18 around 5:50 a.m. on May 30. Sullivan saw the BMW swerving across several lanes and activated his emergency equipment. The vehicle then slowed down, began moving towards the right shoulder then swerved back into the right lane before going back to the shoulder and finally stopping. 

The Atlanta driver spoke slowly as he told Sullivan he was trying to get home.  Sullivan asked for his license and if he consumed any alcohol and he responded that he had earlier. The deputy had the driver exit his vehicle and the man was unsteady on his feet and using his hands on his car as he walked to the rear of his vehicle. Sullivan asked the man if he knew where he was and he held his hand up and closed his eyes. He said he was trying to go home and could not go to jail because he had too much to lose. He also said he had consumed several mixed drinks at a family gathering and that the deputy could test him if he needed to. 

Before beginning the test, the driver asked if he could just go to a hotel. Sullivan asked him if he would perform the test several times and he continued to ask about the hotel. He was then handcuffed and arrested for driving under the influence. He was turned over to the jail staff and cited for failure to maintain lane and DUI-refusal. 


Harley rider cited for public indecency

A man claiming to be a type 1 diabetic was cited for public indecency at a Shell station on Hwy. 42 N on May 31. Officer Arthur Musselman was making a store check when he saw a man urinating at the rear of the building as he rounded a corner. He asked the man for his license and the man said he was on his way to Macon to drop off his Harley Davidson for repair. He said due to his disease, he couldn’t make it into the store and went behind the building. He left after being cited. 


Woman stopped for window tint caught with meth

A Helena woman was arrested for trafficking drugs after being stopped by deputy Jaleel Brown for tint violation on I-75 S near North Lee Street around midnight on June 1. The woman rolled down the window and lit a cigarette when the deputy approached. She told Brown she was aware of the dark tint and said she had to roll down the windows when she was turning or maneuvering on the highway. She said the car belonged to a friend who let her borrow it for a day. 

The woman then said she was coming from a Tinder meet-up at a hotel in Forsyth. Jokingly and laughing, she told Brown she was addicted to sexual experiences. She said she left the other party at the hotel due to a horrible experience and was headed home. Brown then asked her to step out of the vehicle while he tested the window tint and began to issue a citation. While filling out the document, Brown asked the woman about her travels and she said she was coming from a hotel, 20 miles north from a Tinder date with another female. When asked what hotel, she looked away and had to think about the name and stated she did not know. Brown then asked if she had an address to the hotel, which she didn’t. She then said she met the other party at a Waffle House and then followed her back to a hotel on Tift College Drive. She said she broke up with her significant other and met another person online and traveled to hook up with her in a hotel room. She said she stayed at the hotel for about 30 minutes and then left to go home. 

Since Tift College Drive was south of the location, the story did not make any sense to the deputy, and he became suspicious of criminal activity due to her dishonesty.   

He then asked the woman about past citations or charges and the woman replied she had issues with narcotics including marijuana and methamphetamine but there were no drugs or weapons in the vehicle. When asked for permission to search the car, she refused because she said she had to get the car back to the owner.  

Sgt. Kevin Williams allowed his K-9 partner to perform a free air sniff on the vehicle which was very trashy inside. Several cigarette butts were in the door pocket and several ashes of cigarettes were scattered throughout the front passenger compartment. A clear baggy filled with suspected methamphetamine was found inside a small gray bookbag and Brown arrested her for trafficking drugs. 


Woman breaks a nail while trying to stop police

A man playing loud music while parked at the Union Hill Apartments in a white Honda Accord was arrested on an outstanding warrant around 1 p.m. on June 1. Officer Jeremy Malone was patrolling the area, ran a license plate check on the vehicle and learned the owner was wanted in Bibb County for family violence. As Malone was running his information, the man exited his car and entered an apartment which is a known trouble spot to police. 

Cpl. Kimberly Barnett arrived and Inv. Tellas Daniels, Cpl. Terrence Thomas, and Inv. Greg Jefcoats went to the back door to make sure no one ran out the back. Cpl. Barnett spoke with the woman who rents the apartment, sitting in her SUV outside of the apartment and asked her to let them check inside for the wanted man. The woman then led Barnett and Malone to the front door.

As she walked inside, she began trying to close the door on the officers, but Barnett put her foot at the bottom of the door. The woman said she wasn’t going to let the officers in and became more aggressive by pushing the door on Barnett’s foot. Malone then stepped in, pushed the door wide open and stood in the doorway. Malone said he needed the man to come out.

The man came into the living room from the hallway and put his hands up. He was handcuffed without incident as the woman continued to yell about police in her apartment and a fingernail being broken. 


Macon man caught speeding with CBD treats

A Macon man without a license was speeding at 91 mph in a 2018 Dodge Charger when he was clocked and stopped on I-75 S near Rumble Road by deputy Larry Sullivan who took him to jail around 1 a.m. on June 3. 

After running the driver’s information, Sullivan learned the man was operating with a suspended license and had him step from his vehicle. After handcuffing the man, Sullivan found several plastic grocery bags in the Charger’s back seat containing brownies, cookies, and gummies. The brownies and cookies were individually packaged in red and green plastic bags. The gummies were packaged in clear and black plastic bags. On the back of the packaged gummies was a warning label stating to keep out of reach of children and to use caution while driving or operating machinery. 

Sullivan read the man his Miranda warning and asked what was inside of the packaged bags. He stated they were CBD treats. The deputy then asked him if the treats were edibles that contained THC and he said they were. He was turned over to the jail staff and Sullivan will be seeking warrants on him for possession of a schedule I controlled substance. He will also be cited for expired registration, and speeding. 


Crash into tree ends high-speed chase

A Union City man was taken away in an ambulance after crashing into a tree ending a fleeing attempt from deputy Larry Sullivan around 2:26 a.m. on June 4. The man was driving at 95 mph when he passed Sullivan in his 2003 Pontiac Grand Am near North Lee Street and sped up to over 100 mph when the deputy pulled in behind him. Sullivan tried to initiate a P.I.T. maneuver and the vehicle spun to the right, and briefly came to a stop before accelerating again. 

The driver took the exit at Hwy. 18, running the stop sign crossing over Dames Ferry Road, and continued onto the southbound onramp. He then lost control of the Pontiac, left the road on the left side and struck a tree. 

Sullivan exited the patrol vehicle, drew his service pistol, and approached the vehicle. He instructed the driver, to show his hands. The windows were too dark to see inside of the vehicle, and the door was damaged, unable to be opened. Sullivan moved to the front of the vehicle and saw the driver appeared to be injured from the accident. 

EMS was called and deputy Wade Kendrick used a window breaking tool to break the driver side front window, but the deputies were unable to pry the door open. EMS arrived, pried the front driver door open and the man was placed in the ambulance. 

Inside the vehicle were two packages, one labeled as marijuana flower. Inside of the packages were seven plastic bags containing marijuana. A scale was found with the marijuana along with $145 in U.S. currency and numerous $20 bills that were labeled as counterfeit. In the driver seat was a loaded Taurus 9mm pistol. 

The driver was alert and conscious in the ambulance while being taken to Navicent Medical Center in Macon. Sullivan will be seeking warrants on the driver for fleeing, distributing marijuana and possession of a firearm during the commission of a crime. He will also be cited for several traffic violations.  


Man pulled over with marijuana in lap

Officer Jeremy Malone ran the tag on a blue Ford Crown Victoria and the driver was arrested on marijuana and other charges around 1:30 p.m. on June 5. Malone stopped the man at the second entrance of Union Hill Apartments and while speaking with him, Malone saw a blunt marijuana cigarette sitting in his lap. 

Malone asked the man for his license, and he was extremely nervous, shaking dramatically and breathing heavily when he said he was unable to produce anything to show who he was. Malone then had him step out of the vehicle and handcuffed him. When the man stood up the blunt fell out of his lap and onto the ground. 

The officer found an ID card on the driver, identified him and he came back as having a suspended license. Malone secured the marijuana and took the man to the Monroe County Justice Center where he was cited for marijuana possession, driving without a license, and driving with canceled registration.