Whenever I see a healthy person all masked up, I’m tempted to ask how long they plan to live in Covid fear knowing we’ve been lied to. By June 2020, every thinking person knew we were being told lies about Covid. That was the date when Leftists, Dems, and the media (I repeat myself) said it’s OK for thousands of unmasked rioters to burn cities but not OK to swim in the ocean, go to church, or open your business because the China virus is simply too dangerous. (It’s the China virus because it originated in China.) Much of the Covid stupidity is due to lies told by Dr. Fauci, the almighty. 

 Last month, Fauci announced his retirement. America’s propaganda minister is finally leaving. Good riddance, get rid of Fauxi – NOW. Too bad we can’t time travel 10 years back and fire him. Over the past 30 months, nobody has done more to destroy people’s lives and national economies than Dr. Fauxi. He’s a complete fraud. Instead of riding off into the sunset, Fauxi should go to prison. He would if we still had a working justice system.