Don Daniel

Last week I used some crime statistics from the 2021 Annual Report from our District Attorney Jonathan Adams and it is chock full of crime statistics. Just for your information, our district attorney serves Butts, Lamar and Monroe Counties. In his report, 1,890 cases were opened for prosecution and 1,366 were closed. In our circuit, the largest number of cases opened was for drug crimes and DUI. Violent crimes composed 23 percent of the DA’s time. 

I am sure DA Adams would be more that pleased to give you a copy of the 2021 Annual Report. Go get one. His office number 478-994-7652.

Reporting and writing about crime is often a reflection of a community’s social strata and interaction with each other. Last week’s front page is not indicative of our community but more in common with other communities both north and south of us. 

Last week’s front page stories about the shooting (killing) at Walmart, the arrest of the band director for on-line sexual exploits with a former student and the one that rattled me the most was the life or death sentence by an insurance company denying paying for a liver transplant by her insurance company, Blue Cross Blue Shield. Hey, if they can do it to her, they can do it to you. 

As a former reporter and newspaper editor, I have covered numerous “news” making events and many with a wonderment of “what the hell is going on?”. The hardest part of writing and reporting a news event is applying the who, what, when, where, how with the most difficult being the “why”. Those three front page stories raised the “why” and made the stories even more difficult to report. Many times, the why can never be reported because the blame for the why is just incomprehensible and unknown. 


THE COUNTY commission meeting was most interesting last week with the “they think they are the high and mighty” attempting to compromise each other with their individual idea as to who should be appointed to or reappointed to 13 county boards and individuals.

A couple of times, the tension was evident as one commissioner wanted his appointee and another commissioner his appointee and the convincing became personal. The one appointment that was a surprise was not reappointing Dr. Craig Caldwell to the hospital authority and realizing the one that was appointed was not qualified to be appointed. They decided to turn it over to the county attorney to un-muddy the who can and who can’t be appointed.

Here are some unattributed commissioner comments: “glutton for punishment”; “change horses in mid-stream”; “She’s a sweet lady”; “just to clean it up a little it”; “I’m a commissioner and I don’t have any qualifications”; “to make it easy to keep it from getting muddy”; “as easy as falling off a log backwards”; let me back up”; “We can go around in circles all night”; She’s in the ditch”; “I don’t have a lot of heartburn”; “I don’t want that to be a dead subject”; and finally the best one of the night, “We hit the snooze button”. 


OVER AT the Forsyth City Council it was also appointment and reappointment time with some confusion about the reappointment of Dr. Denise Buff to the city Downtown Development Authority. After initially replacing her, the council realized the replacement didn’t want to serve. So they backed up and reappointed her.


NO CORRECT on-time answer to last week’s The Question. So here’s a new question: what’s the name of the new subdivision that cut the ribbon near Bolingbroke in the Jan. 5 Reporter? First correct answer after 12 noon on Thursday, gets a certificate for a Dairy Queen Blizzard, Whistle stop fried green tomato appetizer, car wash at Big Peach, dozen Dunkin Donuts, single tip at Scoops, a Forsyth Main Street and Reporter t-shirts, and a slice of Shoney’s strawberry pie.


BY THE time you read this, hopefully UGA Bulldogs will be national champions.


ONE OF THE projects the Bicentennial Commission undertook was the publishing of the 2022 Calendar History of Monroe County. It is not a “birthday” calendar but more of an events both past and present all about Monroe County.  The photography is out standing. The calendars are on now sale and you can contact Ralph Bass, chairman of the commission, or Richard Dumas, at the county commission office or any member of the Bicentennial Commission. 


ON THE lighter side, from George Carlin: 

• I wonder if a person who comes out of a coma feels refreshed and well rested; 

• They always say the vice president is just a heartbeat away from the presidency. Don’t they mean lack of a heartbeat? 

• I finally figured out what e-mail is for. It’s for communicating with people you’d rather not talk to. 



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