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Fall is my most favorite time of year with the exception of leaves! My house is surrounded by trees and I have not found an easy way to rid my yard of the leaves covering just about everything. I have given up raking, instead blowing them into a pile and burning them. I used to wait until the last leaf fell before I began taking vengeance. This year I attempted to take the advantage but lost and now waiting for the last one to fall.

 Thank goodness my neighbors are far enough away that the blower motor noise does not seem to bother them, not like some neighbors in Atlanta complaining against their neighbors using blowers and that the blower noise is a nuisance and invasive in their bucolic neighborhoods.


AS NOTED last week, Forsyth’s Christmas parade, oops, Hometown Holiday Parade is next Thursday. Better not wish anyone a Merry Christmas in public during the parade because you might offend the non-believing in Christmas people and they just might attempt to chastise you.

Then on Saturday, Dec. 4, Bolingbroke is going to have their 30th Annual Christmas parade beginning at 3 p.m. What I like about their parade, prior to their Christmas Parade, beginning at 2 p.m. snacks, drinks and a cake walk. You are urged to bring your lawn chairs. I’ll be there and hope to see you at both Christmas parades. 


DON’T KNOW the amount since it was not revealed but Forsyth was awarded a grant for art by the  Georgia Council for the Arts explaining the “funding will be used for a public art initiative to commemorate the City of Forsyth’s Bicentennial”. 

Wonder what kind of art will be used, as the executive director of GCAA explained, “Will jumpstart tourism”. 


SURPRISE! HERE in Monroe County we do not have a bear season, extended archery deer season nor alligator season according to “Monroe Outdoors” writer Terry Johnson.

Since we don’t have an alligator season, does that mean we don’t have any alligators in Monroe County? What’s the story Terry? 


I FIND IT ironic that The Reporter reporter that could have been convicted of a felony for firing warning shots with his pistol at a suspected criminal was featured in this newspapers’ “Win an AR-15 for Christmas” full page ad. I have to say I was surprised. Should have posed with his pistol.


BOTH THE Forsyth City Council and the Monroe County Commissioners had meetings last week. But first, this from a reader: yes, parking is a problem in downtown Forsyth and just as much of a problem is the traffic. Guess the officers in the Forsyth Police Department didn’t attend a traffic direction school.

Here are some Forsyth Council member unattributed comments: “I’m just saying”; “I’m just kidding”; “Her yard looks good”; “One issue I need feedback from you”; “I don’t want anybody to get hurt”; “I was humbled by that”: “That’s really all I have”; “Other than that, that’s all I have”; “pickle ball courts”;

Since the Commission chairman was absent, for the second time in a row, here are a few unattributed commissioner comments: “I’d like to comment on that”; “I will answer my phone”; “Not saying what you did in the past was wrong or right”; “County has a feline problem”: “That seems wrong to me”; “Who’s butt to kick?”; “I think we are looking at two different dogs”; “That was a mouthful”; “I’m gonna pull a Jim Ham on you”; “You have to keep your eyes on them”; “You guys give me some advice”; “That seems wrong to me”.

Didn’t know the county has 330 full time employees and 88 part-timers but that was revealed at the meeting during budget discussion. The proposed county budget is $47.6 million. 

Here’s a question for the county PIO: if a commissioner misses a meeting, is his pay for the missed meeting deducted from his pay check?


HERE’S THE Question for this week: what day of the week is Christmas? First correct answer after 12 noon on Thursday gets the goodie certificate for a car wash at Big Peach, dozen Dunkin Donuts, single dip at Scoops, slice of Shoney’s strawberry pie, Whistle Stop fried green tomato appetizer, Forsyth Main Street and The Reporter t-shirt, and a Dairy Queen Blizzard.


AND THIS from the book “Now You Know”: The modern image of Santa Claus as a rosy-cheeked old man wearing a plush red suit was popularized by American artist Haddon Sundblom in advertisements for the Coca-Cola Company in the 1930s. Coca-Cola hit upon this advertising campaign as a way to boost slumping sales during the winter months of the Great Depression. 

Here’s another:  Barnum’s Animals (commonly known as Animal Crackers) were first produced with a string on the boxes so they could be used as a Christmas tree ornaments.


HAVE A great Thanksgiving with your family and or friends


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