To the Editor: 

Beautify Forsyth sponsored a clean-up down West Johnston Street recently and collected over 20 round, black, empty chewing tobacco cans within a 30-yard area leading up to the entrance to Chapman Drive. No more cans were found after the turn in to Chapman. In law enforcement, I’m told they would classify this information as a “clue.”

Of course, we are not accusing any of the fine residents of Chapman Drive of littering, but just saying… Ideally it would be great community involvement if some able-bodied residents in the area could help us keep that entrance area litter-free, as it is one of the city’s favorite dumping grounds.

A new product has been spotted soiling the streets of Forsyth. Empty cans of Los Bravos, a Mexican-style lager have been picked up. The bottler listed is Terrapin Beer Co. on Newton Bridge Road, Athens. The can touts, “Beer for All.” Imagine that, beer in Athens. Are you as shocked as we are?

Tom Perry 


Dr. Tom Perry is the chairman of Beautify Forsyth.