Will Davis

Monroe County’s school board on Tuesday, as this edition went to press, authorized superintendent Mike Hickman to draw up a resolution expressing the board’s opposition to teaching Critical Race Theory (CRT).

Board member Eva Bilderback put the issue on the board’s agenda. She said on Tuesday that while she doesn’t think any Monroe County teachers are currently teaching CRT, she wants to make sure that doesn’t change.

“I believe we have a good bedroom community where people stick together,” said Bilderback, who has a child in elementary school. “Sometimes it only takes a crack for that to change.”

Hickman expressed his concern that since no Monroe County teachers are teaching such theories, he doesn’t want to impose a policy to address a problem that doesn’t exist.

But board member Stuart Pippin noted that the National Education Association, the nation’s No. 1 teachers union, already supports teaching CRT at all grade levels. He said the NAE has additionally said it will do opposition research against any groups opposed to CRT. He explained that CRT basically believes that America and school systems are structurally racist.

“I don’t believe Monroe County schools are a racist institution and I don’t believe America is,” said Pippin. “And I wouldn’t want that taught to my children.”

Hickman said as superintendent if he found out a teacher was actively teaching such things, he wouldn’t need a resolution to do something to stop it.

School board member Greg Head said he has no problem with teaching about the Civil War and slavery.

“That’s history,” said Head. But the concept that everything is dominated by race and skin color is the poison of CRT, said Head.

Board member Nolen Howard said he’s done a little reading and found that CRT is 40 years old and is a concept from law school. 

“It wasn’t ever meant to be taught,” said Howard. “If you don’t want to be of that mindset, then fine.”

Howard noted that 40 years ago was not long after segregation and that you had a whole different group of people back then. He said that former superintendent Charles Dumas told him back then that once Americans got past the fact of kids of different races spending time together, “all of this (racial strife) will go away.”

Howard said he thinks that has proved true, to a degree. 

Board members were encouraged to send to Hickman what they want included in the resolution. Board member Dr. Jeremy Goodwin was absent from the meeting.

Kudos to our school board members for raising this important issue. If we’ve learned anything the past two years, it is that nothing, nothing, nothing can be said to be safe from the ill political winds blowing over this country. From National Anthems before soccer games to school curriculum, there is no sector of society that the American left doesn’t want total control over. 

It is indeed parents who should choose what things their children are taught. That shouldn’t be a controversial statement. For too long American conservatives have sat back and allowed leftists to take over textbook development and academia and curriculum. Heck, even 35 years ago when I was in public school, I was taught authoritatively that the FDR and the New Deal and LBJ and the Great Society saved America from our backwards past. And I was told that we humans evolved from monkeys. Only later did I learn there are very valid and believable alternate ideas and theories to the public school curriculum. I now believe those alternate ideas are true and they are diametrically opposed to what I was taught.

This CRT fight should only be the beginning. American patriots and parents need to get off Facebook, get off our couches, run for school board and demand that our child’s curriculum reflect our values. The country belongs to us. We have largely lost it. Reclaiming it will be a long, hard slog. But I think America is worth it. Do you?