Has America lost the fear of the Lord?  I know that there are still God-fearing Christians in America, but I ask the question because I see a growing spiritual apathy and compromise of Godly principles that once made this nation great. When I was a kid we were taught about our Founding Fathers, the reasons they came to America and the fact that many were Christians. These were brave, fearless men who saw the wisdom of living by God’s word. 


AMERICA IS changing and not for the better. We are living in a secular society where there is little reverence for Almighty God and there is a growing hostility towards Christianity. We have been told there is no place for God in our government, schools or public places. Oh yes, throw out the Ten Commandments, the Bible and prayer while you’re at it!  There are those who are tirelessly working to “fundamentally” change America. Sadly, they already are! There are radical politicians and secularists who want to remove any semblance of Christian thought or ideology from our nation. We are witnessing an open war on free speech and a coordinated attack by big tech companies to censor conservative voices! 


THIS ALARMING breakdown of society will continue because there are those who want to rewrite and challenge the standards that have been based on God’s Word.  Godly principles and standards that have made this nation one of the greatest places in the world to live, work, worship and raise a family are at stake. It’s a sobering thought that we could be only one generation away from a complete collapse of our society.  Think about that for a moment. All it takes is just one generation failing to pass on the baton of Christianity and the values that have made America great!  


WHAT WE see happening in our nation is a wake-up call for all Christians and freedom loving Americans! The battle is real. If we fail to stand up for we believe, we will one day find that what we once declared to be truths and moral absolutes will only become outdated opinions, thoughts and ideas.  In fact this is already happening and this is one of the reasons our nation is so philosophically divided. 


WE NEED a spiritual revival in this country! The Bible says that God is long-suffering, but we are naive to think that God will not judge this nation. May God give America one more chance to repent and turn back to Him. As Ronald Reagan once said, “If we ever forget that we are one nation under God, we will be a nation gone under.” Psalms 33:12 reminds us, “Blessed is the nation whose God is the LORD.” One last thought and I’m done. Almighty God knows those who stand in reverential awe of Him and that’s why the Psalmist wrote with conviction: “Behold the eye of the LORD is upon them that fear him; upon them that hope in his mercy.” 

Carolyn Martel is the former long-time advertising manager of the Reporter. Email her at