new city golf range

The city course'e new golf range .(Photo/courtesy Jim Hickman)

To the Editor: 

Thank you, City of Forsyth! What a great, new, state-of-the-art practice range is available to area golfers at the Forsyth Golf Club!

Given impetus by teaching pro Jim Hickman, the Forsyth Golf Course teamed with the city to accomplish the much-needed project.

Kudos go to Mayor Eric Wilson, manager Janice Hall, council members (particularly liaison to the golf board, Mike Dodd), and especially those city employees who prepared the ground and poured the cement pad.

Hickman then raised several thousand dollars to purchase the zoysia-type mats that sit on the pad.

In addition, the city supplied poles and placed netting at the practice area to corral errant shots.

The Forsyth Golf Club is in its best shape in a long time, and President Dean Darden encourages everyone to come out to play.

Isn’t it great when a plan come together!

Tom Perry


Tom Perry is the Project Liaison between the city of Forsyth and the board of the Forsyth Golf Club.