Don Daniel

The other night after a county commission meeting, a gentleman and lady came up to me with a couple of questions I cannot answer. Here they are: “Why is the chairman introduced by the deputy as ‘Coach’? “Why is there a Superman toy on the desk in front of the chairman?” “What does the sign in front of the chairman’s seat “Curse Breaker” have to do with his being chairman?” To avoid any misinterpretations, I suggested they ask the sheriff’s deputy the first question and ask the chairman about the other two.

I don’t know whether they hung around after the executive session that was called to discuss giving all county first responders an across-the-board raise behind closed doors. As you have read, the county attorney said the commissioners going into executive session to discuss raises was okay but this newspaper’s press association attorney said the closed door action was against the law. When that was pointed out to chairman, his reaction was...well, read his response in last week’s edition and attack on the editor. Then you can guess correctly why he has a cartoon character statue in front of him on his desk. 


HERE ARE a couple of local reported news stories to remind you just in case you missed them. Many of us have waited until Oct. 1 to get a burn permit to burn trash piles. Well now we don’t have to call or go on line to get a burn permit from the Georgia Forestry Commission to incinerate natural vegetation piled by hand. You may have to get a city permit, for  Culloden or Forsyth but not out in the county. 

According to the county issued news release, if while burning you realize the fire is getting out of control, you need to call 911 to get help from the county fire department. The release states, “You are held responsible for any damages caused by the fire. You may be charged if the GFC is called to help contain the fire. 


A SIGN of the growth we are going through was emphasized in the story about the local health department and the opioid epidemic. There have been 123 new septic tank permits issued so far this year compared to only 64 during the same time period last year.

Although the county wide water system is growing and expanding, according to the local health department, new well permits increased from 17 for April-June of 2020, to 20 in 2021.

Another sign of county growth was the issuing of 36 building permits in August, everything from pole barns to swimming pools.

The upsetting aspect of the local report was that Monroe County showed heroin and opioid usage at a 150 percent increase so far this year compared to last year. 


HOW MANY elevators in the city excluding hotels/motels was The Question and according to my calculations, there are four, one in each of the following: courthouse, county office, hospital and city hall. 

Robert Gowey came up with the closest number, three. He gets a certificate for dozen Dunkin Donuts, slice of Shoney’s strawberry pie, Dairy Queen Blizzard, Big Peach carwash, Whistle Stop fried green tomato appetizer, single dip at Scoops, and a Forsyth Main Street t-shirt. 


EMAIL drives me to wonder why I have it. Here’s what George Carlin had to write about email: “I finally figured out what e-mail is for. It’s for communicating with people you’d rather not talk to”. Now I know why I email when I have to.

One more from George Carlin: “Whenever I hear that someone lives in a gated community I think of Auschwitz.”


PAY UP time over at the county with 41 checks written totaling $869,376.45 with $10,247.20 paid for insurance for county employees. AT&T got paid $9,181.84 with the sheriff’s department racking up $6,666.42 for phone usage. Renewing EMS ambulance license renewal cost us $10,900. One of the biggest checks, $21,709.50, went to Krown Sports for soccer, football uniforms and Polo shirts for coaches. The largest check, $91,757.86, was paid to Macon Water Authority for water consumption on Whittle, New Forsyth, Forsyth/Loraine Woods, Rivioli, Estes& Zebulon Roads. Soccer referees got paid $9,000. United Grading and Excavating got the most, $653,321.83 for infrastructure.


BRINGING THIS up again: County Commissioners used to incur expenses for re-imbursement including phone usage, mileage, meal reimbursement, etc., you get the idea whatever expenses they incurred in their official capacity as an elected officials.

Nothing has been listed in the check register as being paid to any commissioner including their monthly salary. Wonder why? 


HERE’S THE Question for this week: what is the name of the play performed this past weekend and this coming weekend at The Rose Theater? This is the season opener for the Backlot Players as they kick-of their 2021-22 season. 

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