To the Editor: 

Why did the Monroe County Reporter give only minimal coverage to what one would have thought was potentially the biggest story of the year and remove - or not publish - the same article in the on-line version? If you are confused about the topic in reference, let’s set the stage with a few selections from the paper over the past few weeks.

In the On The Porch column dated Jan. 20, 2021 it is stated that 71 percent of the voters in the county voted to re-elect Donald Trump as President. Let’s stipulate that this is accurate.

The Feb. 10, 2021 edition of the MCR includes the regular column Peach State Politics column by Kyle Wingfield. In his column Wingfield attempts to educate readers on what socialism is. As he correctly stated, many misconstrue what socialism is. Let’s provide the dictionary definition: “a theory or system of social organization that advocates the ownership and control of the means of production and distribution, capital, land, etc., by the community as a whole, usually through a centralized government.”  Wingfield continues in the same column, “If most of us realize implicitly that private companies are more likely to provide the efficiency, value, and customer experience we want….”

Given the above, why did the MCR bury the story “County fires garbage pick up company” on page 8A of the Feb. 3, 2021 and not include it in the on-line edition? Given the normal proclivities of MCR, why wasn’t this story the lead on the front page with a MCR-esque perspective? Maybe something like this: “County Commissioners Unanimously Support Socialist Agenda” or “Local contracting company loses renewal on multi-year contract as all members of the Monroe County Board of Commissioners voted to subvert capitalism.” Or “Local commissioners voted to use taxpayer ESPLOST money to purchase equipment to be owned by the government thereby preventing private companies from competing fairly for the business.”

This decision will cost private sector jobs and make it impossible for any future private company to compete with services provided by the government. Liberals consider taking away private sector opportunities to be a “no brainer.”

So, again, I ask the question: why did this get buried and why does it not appear in the on-line edition? Is the paper under attack by some “libtards” and the editorial staff is afraid for their safety? Is that “secret leftist cabal” that is mentioned repeatedly in the MCR right here in Monroe County? Are you continually in fear for your safety and now reduced to writing stories about the dangers of being a tax assessor? Is there anything that can be done to once again free the press to be able to report openly?

Gregor Jennings


Editor’s note: The article, “County fires garbage pickup company” appeared in our Feb. 3 print edition and is now available on our website as well. Thanks for pointing out this oversight.