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Saturday Congress passed the Covid Relief Act, one of the worst pieces of legislation in our nation’s history. First, the name is a lie since only 9% goes to Covid relief. The other 91% of the $1.9 Trillion is pure “pork” that goes to everything and anything but Covid to include – illegals and prisoners qualify for aide; bailouts to Blue states who were near bankrupt long before Covid; billions to “sanctuary cities” despite refusing to enforce immigration laws; and billions given to foreign countries with zero accountability for any of it. Senators Cruz (R-TX), Cotton (R-AR), and Cassidy (R-LA) attempted to prevent prisoners from receiving $1,400 stimulus checks. Cassidy argued, “Prisoners have all their living and medical expenses paid for by the taxpayer, they don’t pay taxes, they don’t contribute to the tax base, they can’t be unemployed. Inmates are not economically impacted by Covid.” Democrats disagreed, so prisoners will receive stimulus money because…., well because they make less than $75,000 and Democrats want their vote. Mass murderers like Dylann Roof (on Death Row for killing 9 Blacks at a church in Charleston, SC) and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev (the 2013 Boston Marathon bomber) will get $1,400 from Uncle Sam. Same with illegals, they qualify for your tax money. Thanks Biden, Warnock, and Ossoff for prioritizing felons and illegals over Georgians.


IF YOU didn’t hear, Cancel Culture has cancelled six Dr. Seuss books claiming they’re offensive or racist. His book, And to Think That I Saw It on Mulberry Street, was published in 1936. For 85 years, Mulberry Street was fine but last week it became racist to the “woke” leftists. Actually, Cancel Culture (CC) has nothing to do with being offended; it has everything to do with controlling society and controlling what you and others think. We have CC right here in Monroe County. Last month, Superintendent Hickman fired Chris Soule as announcer at MP baseball games because Soule talked “bad” about Hickman last summer. Silly Chris, you mustn’t offend our overlords. Oh, and even if they are offended, so what? If Hickman gets offended at someone’s words, that’s his problem. But that’s not how CC operates; they silence you.


THE LARGER issue about CC is that the Left is conducting a war on our culture and attempting to cancel all that is old, and replace it with the new. The Left is more enlightened than you and knows better than you. They have no need for history, culture, or anything that came before them. First, in Taliban-style, they came for our monuments claiming “old racist white guys”, destroying iconic symbols and re-writing history with the likes of the 1619 Project. Not content with destroying Confederate statues, they turned against our Founding Fathers tearing down statues of Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, and Grant. San Francisco has failing schools but they’re enlightened enough to cancel American icons and renamed Lincoln HS and Washington HS. Last summer, Gone With the Wind was canceled by HBO because those 1930’s screen writers should have known the standard they’d be held to in the 21st century. Like Nazis, the Left is digitally burning books and cancelling the past. How long before they come for actual people? That’s not an exaggeration considering the extent of last summer’s riots that lasted for months, caused billions in damages, and killed over 25 people. Meanwhile, Cardi B’s sociopathic song “WAP” won 2020 song of the year. The Left cancels Dr. Seuss and celebrates Cardi B. Disgusting.


IN GEORGE Orwell’s dystopian novel, 1984, Winston Smith, the main character, works in the Ministry of Truth (MOT). For those unfamiliar with 1984, the MOT is a misnomer; it should be called the Ministry of Lies because its mission is to hide the truth, misrepresent and/or change the past to fit current Party doctrine. The MOT does that by rewriting history books, deleting people from photos who have fallen from favor, falsifying historical events, and “purging” people. The MOT controls all information sources. If someone has fallen from grace, the MOT re-writes history books with all references and photos of that person eliminated. Any record of that person’s existence is destroyed, and all associations to that person are cancelled. The Party writes its version of the truth, and the truth changes. The Ministry of Truth is terrifying because it is so efficient.


IN THE 1960’s and ‘70’s, Orwell’s Big Brother was the Soviet Union. No one could foresee that Big Brother would seize control in the United States. Big Tech and Big Media have become our Ministry of Truth. They are rewriting history and cancelling people based on the current Narrative. Just like Orwell’s Big Brother had one main enemy, our Leftist Cabal (LC) has one main enemy - President Donald Trump. Whatever the Cabal says about Trump becomes the Narrative. The current Narrative is that Trump is the most evil person in history and must be cancelled. The LC is doing just that. All references to Trump are being banned, purged, and permanently eliminated. He is being silenced. The Cabal’s apparatchiks are high-fiving as they scrub websites and email listings for any vestiges of Trump. If you doubt what I say, following are recent headlines:

At least nine Big Tech corporations have banned / cancelled President Trump.

Email provider shuts down Trump emails claiming they incite violence.

German banking giant, Deutsche Bank cuts ties with President Trump.

Hollywood Celebs rejoice after Twitter permanently bans Trump: “We did it; we need to go further.”

YouTube Is Wiping Trump’s CPAC Speech

Note – An article accompanies each headline. To read more, do a quick search.


NOW THAT Trump has almost been eliminated from social media, the Leftist Cabal must find another enemy – an enemy more lasting than one man. Trump supporters are the new enemy. Like Stalin purged his enemies, Trump supporters must be purged. The Cabal wants Trump supporters completely flushed from society. Trumpsters are being publically shamed by family, forced to publically apologize on social media, placed on no-fly lists, and fired from employment.


Weekly Thought: Speak the truth; never give in to Cancel Culture