To the Editor:

I got up Thursday morning in wonderful Monroe County looking for tornadoes and flying cows!? To my dismay it was just rain and a slight breeze. 

So schools shut down due to this prediction of “inclement weather”. Is our BOE run by a bunch of fear mongering, lily livered, yellow belly cowards? I think so) And before everyone jumps up and down about better to be safe than sorry, STOP. We are supposed to be a rough, tough, strong people. Not scared so easily, thinking for ourselves and having sound mind and judgment, willing to stare fear down, risk takers, God fearing, standing for truth, and not backing down when we are in the right. Where are those men and women?  

Come on Mr. Superintendent and BOE. Make some better sound decisions. I guess that’s just wishful thinking due to the past ignorant decisions. And therein lies the problem. I think due to so many dumb decisions the people have come to expect and accept it.

I say do not accept it, voice your grievances and make it known! That’s the only way to hold these people accountable.

Richard Hines

Monroe County