For financial advisors, moving their practice from one firm to another is a big decision. For veteran advisors Mike Ketterbaugh and Jason Jungberg, it was one that required careful consideration and a lot of due diligence. After all, they had each spent decades at a well-known brokerage firm. But after doing their homework and talking to their peers, they decided to move to Stifel’s office in Macon. To Mike and Jason, it all came down to one overarching factor: the ability to serve their clients better.

For some advisors, the concern with moving to a smaller firm is that they’ll have to sacrifice resources in exchange for culture. At Stifel, that’s not an issue. Stifel’s product and service offerings rival those of its larger competitors. Mike was particularly drawn to Stifel’s nationally recognized research group. “Stifel covers more U.S. stocks than any other firm, and we’re excited to have access to more small and medium size company research,” he said. Jason adds that Stifel’s public finance group was another important factor. “It is so helpful to me and my clients to be with a firm that leads the nation in municipal bond financing. Here, we have access to a wide range of municipal bonds for our clients.”

Another major selling point for Stifel is its culture. Over the years, many firms, including Mike and Jason’s previous firm, have been acquired by banks. Advisors at bank-owned firms are often faced with pressure to cross-sell banking and other proprietary products. But that’s not the case at Stifel, which owns its own bank. Stifel advisors are free to introduce the firm’s banking services to their clients whenever they feel it’s appropriate. “We appreciate the fact that Stifel bought and owns a bank, not the other way around,” said Mike. To put it simply, Stifel’s culture lets Mike and Jason serve their clients as they see fit.  

Michael and Jason also cite Stifel’s leadership a positive factor. Stifel CEO Ron Kruszewski has long been an influential and outspoken advocate for clients and advisors when dealing with industry regulators. Said Jason, “The whole company understands its role is to help the advisor and the advisor will take care of the client. It is really an extreme client-first mentality throughout the entire firm.”

And finally, there’s the matter of fit. “We’ve known (Branch Manager) Chris Bolles for a long time and knew the office culture would be an easy fit.  Everyone here is so helpful,” said Mike.

They also jumped at the chance to form a partnership with Robert Chanin, a longtime Stifel advisor in Macon. “Working with Robert, we’ve been able to expand our presence from Macon to Atlanta and broaden what we already offer,” said Jason. “We feel we’re positioned to advise on any situation our clients may have.”

By joining Stifel, one of the nation’s leading full-service wealth management firms, Mike and Jason have found the perfect combination of culture, resources, and support to help them serve their valued clients. To learn more about how they can help you pursue your important financial goals, contact them in Stifel’s Macon office today.